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New Online Options Coming in April Learn More

By Platinum Team June 26, 2016

A housewarming party…

  Andddd…. it’s official. We’ve moved into our new online home. It’s got serious curb appeal and a solid structure too. You — our customers and partners — were top of mind throughout the process of building this new space. We wanted to create a better customer experience for you. Here are a few changes we think you’ll be happy to see.  

1. Improved ordering process – Placing an order isn’t the most glamorous task in the world. Still, we knew we could make it better. The new order process is easier to follow and more pleasing for the eye too. Give it a go here.

2. Clearer online service request – You now have a better way of requesting service through our website too. Just fill out the basic online form, easily accessed from the main page, and we’ll get in touch.

3. Mobile-friendly – On the go? No sweat. Navigating our website from your phone just got much more do-able. (Yes! Finally!)

4. Educational content – We’ve organized some clearer content all about our warranties. Check it out in the How It Works and FAQ sections.

  Knowing that transitions are never perfect, there could be a few glitches as we continue to settle in. If you catch any, reach out to us. We so appreciate your feedback during the exciting transition. Warmly, The Platinum Team]]>