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Client Testimonials

Here’s how we've helped homeowners like you…

This is my third home warranty company in 12 years. What a breath of fresh air. A local company that has real people answering the phone, no long hold times, and you are treated like a person not an address. Very easy to work for claims, and it is very evident that you having a great experience is their #1 concern. I will never shop for another company. I am a customer for life.

April C., Chandler

We have dealt with several home warranty companies over 20 years & Platinum is by far the best. They respond in a timely manner & use very qualified & professional people.

Mary Kate A.,

Finally a warranty company that actually cares. Everyone was really helpful with a recent heating issue at my home.

Mark B

We LOVE Platinum Home Warranty! We have been using Platinum for a few years now and always have a GREAT experience. They offer AMAZING customer service! They always follow up with a phone call after the service to make sure we are satisfied with the everything. They really care about their customers! I highly recommend this company to all of my friends, family and real estate clients.

Kelly C., Gilbert
Erin H., Phoenix

My husband and I actually debated about whether to buy a home warranty on our house, but we did. Within the first six months, there was a problem with our air conditioning. We are sure glad we did make the decision to get a home warranty with Platinum because we saved thousands of dollars in repair costs.

The speed with which our air conditioning issue was addressed was amazing. They were out at 7 AM the next morning to diagnose the issue and immediately recharge our unit. Then within a week our part arrived, and the unit was working perfectly. No hassles at all.

It's the best thing a buyer can do to protect themselves during their first year of home ownership.

You guys are totally opposite of what I have experienced in the past. You're top-notch. I would recommend you guys no problem. I love the fact that you're prompt, you answer the phone and you respond. It's huge.

Brenda, Surprise

You guys far exceeded my expectations. The service that we got the other day made it well worthwhile that we got the policy. It made it the right decision... The people from your office were all excellent. Everybody that helped on the phone and had anything to do with it were very courteous and went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of... You guys did great. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Bob S., Chandler

The most polite and courteous service that I've ever had with a home warranty company… Just amazing. It was really seamless. Your technicians were just absolutely perfect. I can't say enough good things about it… This is actually the first good experience we've ever had with a home warranty company. We're glad we found you guys.

Victor B., Tempe

We have had excellent service from our Platinum Home Warranty. They have repaired our AC, replaced our garbage disposal, repaired our water softener and replaced a toilet tank mechanism. All of our requests for service have been promptly taken care of within 1-2 days and all of the service/repair people have been very knowledgeable, efficient and professional. Could not be happier and we will continue to renew our warranty.

Elaine M.,Scottsdale
Britton S., Phoenix

I recently had a pipe backup in my house, flooding the garage. The drain required a scope and pictures before we were able to move on with the insurance. Rocky with Platinum immediately came out to my house. He was quick, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. Though the next step is with our adjuster, I was thankful for Platinum's quick response as it allowed us to quickly move on with the process.

“John was my tech and he was just awesome. He went above and beyond and took the time to get the job done right. After listening to me describe the problem he went right to work and explained everything he was doing as he went. Experience matters and this guy has it. Also, the staff at this company always call right away to set up a repair time and they follow up to make sure the customer is satisfied. My AC went out at 1:00 am last night and by 3:00 this afternoon it was back on. THANK YOU!!”

Scott L., Scottsdale

We had a problem with the display going out on our oven. Platinum HW was able to get a repairman out quickly and everything was fixed perfectly. Their customer service has been outstanding any time I have had to call them. We will be renewing with them!

Debbie H., Scottsdale

“Platinum saved me over $400 on recent pool repairs. I’m grateful to have a company I can trust doing the work at my personal home as well as my rental properties.”

Scott G., Scottsdale

“David [technician] was a sweetheart. He explained everything to me and told me what he was doing. I was so impressed. Also, I was ecstatic that I called in the afternoon, and you guys were able to get me in the first thing the next morning. It was so cool that night. I slept better than I have in a long time.”

Patricia H., Phoenix

“I've had my fridge, dryer, garage door, water heater and garbage disposal all break and they were fixed within 24-48 hours and work great. Definitely would recommend for any home!”

Stephanie G., Gilbert

“Thank you so much for your time and that of Loc and David. My new unit works perfectly and, more importantly, it was done promptly, with respect for personal property, and the job was thoroughly completed. It was the most efficient, timely and trusting customer service experience I have had with this condo. I will always recommend your company and, as a Board Member, your company has been added to our "Suggested Vendor" list.”

Cathy S., Phoenix

“We came home to find our hot water heater was leaking all over the garage. Platinum installed a new one before we went to bed that evening. With Platinum we never have any concerns as to what to do -- one phone call solves the issue quickly.

Al & Jean B., Phoenix

“The service is always excellent when we call them. They are easy to get ahold of, and they get right on it and get the job done. They’ve saved the day countless times for me and my clients.”

Bobby L., Phoenix
Robert T., Phoenix

Just a short note to say that I'm very pleased with the quality of service you provide. David and Loc did a great job and answered all my questions and made me feel respected and valued. Thank you too for your attention to my marble flooring. Such service builds great relationships.

“We love Platinum. We had a severe leak on the top of our hot water heater. I called in and the technician was sent out the same day. He installed a brand new unit and within a few hours we were back up and running. I can't say enough about Loc. He was amazing, personable and left the area where the water heater is better than he found it. We're so glad to have Platinum Home Warranty as piece of mind.”

Katie H., Mesa

“First time having to use our home warranty and working with Platinum Home Warranty was a breeze! Great customer service, prompt call back from garage door repairman, and our garage door was repaired on the same day by a professional repairman! Thanks for the great customer service!”

Deb A., Chandler

“I had issues with my dishwasher. Placed a service call, got a call back immediately upon placing the order. The service tech arrived on time and let us know exactly what the problem was. Needed to order a part. Came back in a timely manner to finish the job. GREAT job! I highly recommend their services.”

Joseph C., Chandler

“I recommend Platinum all the time to my clients and have had GREAT success with their service and plans in general. Would highly recommend!”

Michael D., Tempe
Denise W., Phoenix

I was very impressed with Platinum Home Warranty, first of all, because I did not know that Platinum has their own techs. They actually hire them themselves, so it’s not a third party coming out where the home warranty company doesn’t fully know who they are talking to and hiring.

So they came out to my place... he was totally professional, great guy, great sense of humor, walked me through the whole process of what he was doing with his repair, wore booties and cleaned up after himself when he left. You wouldn’t have even known he was here. Then, a couple days later, after I had my repair, I got a call from the company asking me if he was polite, if he picked up after himself, if he was a good guy... That doesn’t happen with any other home warranty companies -- a follow up with the actual client to make sure they were satisfied. So, I love Platinum Home Warranty.

“I have a home warranty for my home and for a rental property that we own. This year alone both have already paid for themselves. It's nice to call and talk to a real live person on the phone when we have an issue and the three times I've used the service we've had the problem fixed within 24 hours. I recommend everyone get a home a warranty and going with Platinum Home Warranty has worked out great for our family.”

Brandon W., Phoenix

“Have received very professional service twice in the last several weeks. Both Rocky [plumbing] and Dave [a/c] are very responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Response time was very good too! THANK YOU PLATINUM!”

Kathy M., Gilbert

“Platinum Home Warranty is very easy to work with. They have sent Dave to our home for an annual check up and he is always very helpful. Today Dave came out to fix a problem with our air conditioner and as usual was here in a timely manner very professional and very personable, we are very happy with PHW and very happy with Dave.”

B.M., Chandler

“I love this company! I have owned my home for a year and a half and they have come out to fix different items on 4 occasions. The most recently was today, which is a Sunday, I'm sure they're extremely busy being that it's still summer in AZ. But I called about my AC unit making an awful noise , I was afraid the unit would quit working. I called and spoke with Dave, who has helped me before and is fantastic! He was out in 2 hours! Pretty dang quick! And had the motor replaced and fixed in another hour! He also answers any questions I have, and takes the time to listen. Which as a customer I really appreciate! I renewed my plan this year and plan to keep using them. They have probably saved me thousands of dollars already. Even just in today's visit!”

Tantine H.,, Mesa
Lisa V., Phoenix

The professionalism of everyone on the Platinum team is what makes them so great! The reps are knowledgeable, attentive, and really care about each one of their clients. I would recommend Platinum to anyone I know.

“David has serviced my AC units on both of my properties on a few occasions now and is very professional, friendly and does a great job explaining things. Service has been provided within 24 hours each time. He's a pleasure to work with. I have been very happy with the customer service of Platinum Home Warranty all the way around.”

Brittney V., Gilbert

“I would recommend Platinum Home Warranty. I had a leaky hot water heater. They came out when they said they would. The repairman was exceptionally neat and clean and extremely polite. He replaced the hot water heater with no mess. Had a problem with no hot water after replaced it that night and he came out first thing the next morning. It was a faulty element on the new water heater. He replaced it with a smile and we were good to go. Not his fault.”

Mary T., Glendale

“David fixed our AC twice this summer in a timely and efficient manner both times. He explained the system's issues in a way I could understand. He was easy to work with and our AC was running cold within 24 hours of us calling Platinum. Only cost us the trade call fee. Thank you David!!”

Janna S., Tempe

“I have a home warranty with Platinum Home Warranty and have had one with them for about two years now and I couldn't be happier. Their techs are very professional, friendly and offer great customer service. I also am very pleased with the customer service in the office and how well the office ladies have helped me. They seem to be very friendly. Their scheduling department is fast and always lets you know as soon as possible when the techs can get out to you. I highly recommend Platinum for your home warranty. I do get the feeling that they want the best for you and your home.

Ashley P., Gilbert
Aladin A., Scottsdale

Platinum Home Warranty has always shown excellent service to my clients and me. Their ordering process is quick and easy. My clients have always been very pleased with the customer service, timely manner in which requests are completed and the professional technicians. I highly recommend Platinum Home Warranty to any homeowner.

“Tom of Platinum Home Warranty came out this morning to install a part on our a/c unit. He was professional and provided incredible customer service. Talk about a nice guy! The part he replaced would have cost me 10 times as much if not for the warranty. The value and service that Platinum provides is worth every penny!!! I can't believe I went years using maintenance plans offered through AC companies. They were so expensive. Not only did I pay for their plan, I still had to pay for the part. Those days are over. Thank you, Platinum!!!”

Keith J., Scottsdale

“I got a warranty when I purchased my home earlier this month. It is the end of the month now and I've already had to call them twice, and they delivered both times! ...The service has been great! I'd recommend Platinum to any homeowner. I will definitely be continuing my warranty with them.”

Todd S., Gilbert

“I just called Platinum for the second time. My wife and I are school teachers and have a difficult time with schedule. Platinum is very helpful. First time a garbage disposal was replaced with a new one. This time there is a unit air conditioning problem. I am impressed with both the competence of the workers and the accommodation for people's time. Thank you PLATINUM.”

Steven L., Phoenix

“I am not one to write reviews but I have had Platinum for 3 months now and I have had such a great experience that I felt compelled to share. They have repaired issues with two AC units and changed out a compressor and ice maker in my built in Sub Zero in that time. On each occurrence they were prompt, professional and cleaned up the mess. Their in house AC trucks were faster to react than any contractor I have ever used. Best of all, their office called to follow up that the work was done to my satisfaction and when I told them of a very minor issue left over from their appliance contractor they immediately addressed the concern. I have had two other "National" warranty plans in the past and Platinum is a refreshing change of pace. I highly recommend them.”

Michael W., Scottsdale
London L., Phoenix

It's time for me to renew my home warranty policy, and without a doubt, I am going to go with Platinum. I love that it is locally owned, which means when you call them for a service, they are right here in the Valley of the Sun and have knowledge of your area and the issues you might face.

"Jeff was the most professional and knowledgeable technician... above and beyond my expectations. I used to be against home warranties due to a bad experience with another company. Now, I just wish I could clone Jeff to take care of my remodeling needs at my home."

Arash K., Scottsdale

“Had Platinum Home Warranty show up to fix AC issue. Service tech Jeff was great. Got problem solved. And great follow up by company to make sure all was well. Highly recommend:)”

Jeff C., Phoenix

From start to finish I was very impressed with everything... Rocky was awesome. He gave me a courtesy call, he was really professional about everything, and he explained the situation. I really appreciate that... He gave me more pointers in case something was ever to happen again… That little bit that happened, it gave me the assurance that you will take care of us… I already told my co-workers last night -- remember that home warranty I was worried about? They’re awesome!”

Christyna C., Queen Creek

"If there is anything above excellent, that's what I would pick... You guys are the best that there is!"

Anna D., Peoria

“He was the most amazing person yet that you've sent out. Knowledgeable. He explained everything. He showed us where some of the things were located in the house outside, which I had no idea, what to look for... He was great. Very neat, cleaned up after himself. We were very impressed with him... Honestly, when I owned my last house, I had a horrible experience with my home warranty company... For years, I didn't have a home warranty company. So far the experience here has been great!

Judith W., Scottsdale

Outstanding service! Such wonderful service. Just tickled to death... [The technician] was great. I like him a lot. He was very thorough in what he did, very tidy, no doubt about it! [Would you renew?] Without a doubt. I’d be a fool if I didn’t!

Neal D., Peoria

Jeff was really really good... I hope I can get him every time. He solved the problem. Everything's working actually better than I had it before. So awesome. I appreciate it.

Al L., Phoenix

"So nice how you guys follow up on these calls immediately after you've had service... You have every opportunity to resolve any issues you might have... Everything we’ve had was taken care of immediately. The service has been great. The people that you send out are very professional. I couldn't say enough about how great the people are that you guys send out.
Everybody is always very cheerful and helpful on the phone and very positive... [The technician] was great. He's come to my house before. He remembered the house. He remembered all the little details. In fact, he was like, "you got new landscaping." It's pretty cool to have somebody that pays that kind of attention to customers.

Jane V., Phoenix