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Feeling stale at home? Here are 5 ways to hit refresh…

Our new home warranty plans and website are here, and we want to give you an overview. Here are a few things you need to know about the new plans…


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Everything you need to know about buying a home warranty

This guide will help you know what to expect from any home warranty, determine if a home warranty is right for you and get the right coverage.

5 Ways To Make Home Maintenance Less Annoying

If you’re like most people, you throw it in the same category as a trip to the dentist, visiting the post office during peak holiday season or working on your taxes.

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Purchasing a new home? Take advantage of our rekeying coverage!

When buying a new home, it can bring peace of mind to have the locks changed. With brand new locks […]

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3 Ways to Bring More Joy Into Your Home

Our days demand a heck of a lot of us. The outside world often feels like an unpredictable and uncomfortable rollercoaster, which makes our homes especially important!

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New Build Coverage

Want extra protection on a newly-built home? Our new build coverage helps you extend the warranty builders typically provide. We offer 4 years (48 months) of coverage at a special rate.

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Helpful Tips for A/C Maintenance

Summer in the Valley of the Sun is… intense! You likely find yourself hopping from one air conditioned space to the next for relief from the heat.

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10 Tips to Maintain Your Pool This Summer

It’s that time of year. Temperatures are toasty! If you’re a lucky homeowner with a pool, you’re likely spending LOTS […]

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