Plans & Pricing

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Over 5,000 sq ft
  • For pricing and coverage details for homes over 5000 sq ft, call us at 602.733.5000.


New Build Coverage
To order, call us at 602.733.5000.
  • Coverage is for 36 months and must be purchased at closing. Coverage begins year two or three, based upon your preference (designated in writing at closing).
  • Typically, builders provide a 2-year warranty on new homes. Some homeowners prefer to overlap their Platinum home warranty with their builders warranty, while others prefer to start coverage once the builders warranty wraps up. We let you choose — coverage for years 2, 3 and 4 -OR- coverage for years 3, 4 and 5.


Plan Features

Bronze Silver Gold
Standard Coverage * Heating system
Air conditioning
Ductwork repair
Plumbing blockages
Toilet tanks, bowls, replacements
Water heater (up to 80 gallons)
Electrical breakers and panels
Outlets and light switches
Cooking oven/range
Built-in microwave oven
Garbage disposal
Trash compactor
Exhaust fans and ceiling fans
Garage door opener
Pest Control
Platinum Plus* Crane fees
Haul away
Additional modification coverage
Disposal fees
Additional plumbing coverages
Enhanced garage door coverage
Improper installations and mismatched units
Washer and dryer $79 add on $79 add on
Refrigerator and icemaker $79 add on $79 add on
Pre-season HVAC system checkups service fee applies service fee applies free checkup included (1 unit)
Service call fee $75 $75 $75

*For complete coverage details for each item above, see Terms and Conditions.

Optional Coverage

Options / Add-ons Washer and dryer $79
Refrigerator and ice maker $79
Built-in pool and spa $179
Saltwater pool system upgrade (must also purchase Built-in pool and spa) $379
Additional pool pump or water feature $89
Drip and sprinkler system $79
Septic coverage $69
Soft water system $79
Additional dishwasher $69
Additional garage door opener $69
Guest House Detached under 750 sq ft $219
Detached over 750 sq ft $369
Attached units, total property under 5,000 sq ft no additional charge
Attached units, total property over 5,000 sq ft call 602.733.5000