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By Platinum Team February 1, 2023

Why Platinum: Anatomy of a Platinum Technician

The Way We Roll

It’s a bit of anthem ‘round these parts. The technician who shows up at your door will be someone we know and trust. See, we operate a bit differently than your typical home warranty company. We have our own in-house technicians who service most of our claims. These are guys and gals we work with on a daily basis. We know them and would trust them in our own family’s home. We’ve extensively background checked them, and we’re always working with them to ensure they know their stuff.

Versus The Typical Home Warranty Company

Most other home warranty companies send all of their claims to outside vendors. They may boast huge networks, but what that also means is — they don’t intimately know the repairman that’s going to show up at your door. We’ve heard too many horror stories about what those folks show up looking like, how they conduct themselves and the shifty nature of many of those dealings. While that certainly isn’t every situation, we know those less-than-stellar stories pop up far too frequently for our comfort. Hence why we do things a little differently.

Qualities You’ll Find In Our Technicians

What can you expect from our tech team? Here are some top qualities of a Platinum technician.

  • Trustworthy Someone you’re comfortable having in your home

The technicians who come out have been very good at their trades diagnosing and/or fixing the problems on the 1st attempt. Since they employ their own HVAC and plumbers you don’t have the hassle or uncertainty of referral companies you don’t know.

– Kathleen K., Phoenix

  • Expert, knowledgeable Knows his/her stuff

Platinum Home Warranty is one fantastic company. We have been with them for seven years and they have immediately fixed anything that went wrong under their coverage. What is really nice is that every person that has come out has been totally professional and knew exactly what was wrong and fixed it very quickly.

– Barbara S., Phoenix

  • Reliable, timelyGives you a heads up when on the way and shows up on time

The technicians (plumber and electrician) were both timely in calling in advance and arriving precisely at the appointed time. They were quick, accurate in troubleshooting and answered all of my questions. Both technicians went above and beyond to provide me with helpful information in what to look for regarding any potential problems that may surface in the future. Truly the overall experience was pleasant and far exceeded my expectations.

– Kellie K., Phoenix

  • DedicatedGoes above and beyond to address your concerns

Although the issues was not re-createable during the service call, the technician went the extra mile to check all possible reasons for the problem described without an attitude. He took his time and did it right.

– Star P., Phoenix

  • FriendlyTreats you and your home with kindness and care

[The technician] was great. He’s come to my house before. He remembered the house. He remembered all the little details. In fact, he was like, “you got new landscaping.” It’s pretty cool to have somebody that pays that kind of attention to customers.

– Jane V., Phoenix

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