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Our new home warranty plans and website are here, and we want to give you an overview.

1. Our plans are now called Bronze, Silver and Gold.
We’ve made it easier to understand our coverage tiers with clearer names.

2. Platinum Plus is included in our Silver and Gold plans.
Due to Platinum Plus’ popularity, we’re including it in two of our coverage tiers!

3. We’ve shifted our plan structure for better customization.
Washer/dryer and refrigerator are included in Gold, and pool is an add-on for all plans to make customization easier.

Our sales team is ready to assist with any questions and walk you through the updates!

Call us at 602.733.5000, or reach out to your specific rep.

PS — You’ll find new marketing brochure here. And, for our refreshed Terms & Conditions click here.

The Way We Roll

It’s a bit of anthem ‘round these parts. The technician who shows up at your door will be someone we know and trust. See, we operate a bit differently than your typical home warranty company. We have our own in-house technicians who service most of our claims. These are guys and gals we work with on a daily basis. We know them and would trust them in our own family’s home. We’ve extensively background checked them, and we’re always working with them to ensure they know their stuff.

Versus The Typical Home Warranty Company

Most other home warranty companies send all of their claims to outside vendors. They may boast huge networks, but what that also means is — they don’t intimately know the repairman that’s going to show up at your door. We’ve heard too many horror stories about what those folks show up looking like, how they conduct themselves and the shifty nature of many of those dealings. While that certainly isn’t every situation, we know those less-than-stellar stories pop up far too frequently for our comfort. Hence why we do things a little differently.

Qualities You’ll Find In Our Technicians

What can you expect from our tech team? Here are some top qualities of a Platinum technician.

  • Trustworthy Someone you’re comfortable having in your home

The technicians who come out have been very good at their trades diagnosing and/or fixing the problems on the 1st attempt. Since they employ their own HVAC and plumbers you don’t have the hassle or uncertainty of referral companies you don’t know.

– Kathleen K., Phoenix

  • Expert, knowledgeable Knows his/her stuff

Platinum Home Warranty is one fantastic company. We have been with them for seven years and they have immediately fixed anything that went wrong under their coverage. What is really nice is that every person that has come out has been totally professional and knew exactly what was wrong and fixed it very quickly.

– Barbara S., Phoenix

  • Reliable, timelyGives you a heads up when on the way and shows up on time

The technicians (plumber and electrician) were both timely in calling in advance and arriving precisely at the appointed time. They were quick, accurate in troubleshooting and answered all of my questions. Both technicians went above and beyond to provide me with helpful information in what to look for regarding any potential problems that may surface in the future. Truly the overall experience was pleasant and far exceeded my expectations.

– Kellie K., Phoenix

  • DedicatedGoes above and beyond to address your concerns

Although the issues was not re-createable during the service call, the technician went the extra mile to check all possible reasons for the problem described without an attitude. He took his time and did it right.

– Star P., Phoenix

  • FriendlyTreats you and your home with kindness and care

[The technician] was great. He’s come to my house before. He remembered the house. He remembered all the little details. In fact, he was like, “you got new landscaping.” It’s pretty cool to have somebody that pays that kind of attention to customers.

– Jane V., Phoenix

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As a homeowner, you have a choice to make — how will you handle repairs for your home systems and appliances? Will you put a game plan in place from the get go? Will you work with a handyman as each need arises?

It may not come as much of a surprise — we’re fans of home warranties around these parts. What may be less obvious are the reasons why. As you shape your own pros and cons list, be sure to take these factors into account.

Why choose a home warranty over a handyman?

  • Manage expenses — A big upside to home warranties is the ability to better manage expenses. For covered items, you’re responsible for the trade call fee ($65 at Platinum) instead of the full cost of repairs. This helps you budget more effectively and makes it less likely you’ll be caught off-guard with a massive bill.
  • Trusted technicians — When you work with us, you know you’re working with a trusted technician. We’ve extensively vetted anyone we send to your property to make sure they know their stuff. When you hire a handyman, it can be a bit of a gamble. It’s hard to know the expertise and experience of the individual.
  • Quality of service — With a home warranty, you have a full team at the ready to assist you. Though we can’t speak for all companies, we can say — our customer care team does a top notch job making sure they keep the lines of communication open — from getting you scheduled appropriately to making sure you’re happy post-service. We promise to deliver a professional and respectful service experience.
  • Supervision — With a home warranty, you have a clear team who takes responsibility for the work performed. If repairs aren’t made up to your standards or issues persist, we’re here to take responsibility and ultimately ensure the problem is resolved. If you hire a handyman, who will you go to if you aren’t pleased with the quality of the work? How can you ensure that your repairman won’t just fade away?
  • Free heating and cooling checkups — This one is unique to our home warranty company, and it sets us apart from your typical handyman too. Our plans include free heating and cooling checkups twice a year. These help you proactively maintain your system, versus leaving having to schedule and pay for separate handyman appointments for this service.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide how to address your home repair needs. Here are some words from a few homeowners who found that a home warranty was right for them…

We did lots of research and finally picked Platinum Home Warranty. We are so happy with our decision. After a couple of months in our home our main bathroom started backing up in all drains and the toilet. It was scary to think of what the cost would be to have it repaired… They had a tech out within a few days and everything was working great!… I can’t say enough good things about PHW. We are so glad we went with them!

– Heather H.

We’ve had a great experience with Platinum. Friendly reps and service people, and professional service and repair work. So glad we have this warranty program, its already saved us a ton in unexpected appliance repairs.

– Melissa E., Phoenix

I have been with Platinum for a year. It is time for renewal and I am happy to renew! Over the past year we had a hot water heater issue, Platinum sent out someone who was professional and courteous and he was able to fix the problem… I did not have to wonder who should I call, what should I do, can I trust someone I find online?? No worries, I just call Platinum.

-Wendy L.

“My husband and I actually debated about whether to buy a home warranty on our house, but we did. Within the first six months, there was a problem with our air conditioning. We are sure glad we did make the decision to get a home warranty with Platinum because we saved thousands of dollars in repair costs. The speed with which our air conditioning issue was addressed was amazing. They were out at 7 AM the next morning to diagnose the issue and immediately recharge our unit. Then within a week our part arrived, and the unit was working perfectly. No hassles at all.

-Erin H., Phoenix


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Thanks for all the good feels in 2018! We’re glad to be the choice of homeowners like you!
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It’s a question that’s likely to pop up as you consider home warranties. When will a home warranty come in handy? We thought it’d be helpful to outline some specific scenarios to answer that very question. These are great examples of when you will be able to count on using your home warranty.

Scenario 1: The garbage disposal stops working. A fussy garbage disposal is no fun, and a home warranty can be quite helpful here. Assuming the concern is normal wear and tear, this is within the scope of home warranty coverage. A plumber can help resolve the jam or replace the garbage disposal if necessary. By the way, a good rule of thumb — if you can’t chew it up yourself, don’t expect your garbage disposal to handle it. Only put items down your sink that can be broken down with relative ease.

Scenario 2: The toilet gets stopped up. Yes, this is another not-so-exciting, but common, concern. Similar to the garbage disposal, your home warranty will come in handy here assuming the issue is related to standard use. (Don’t go throwing anything you shouldn’t down there!) Most of the time the plumber will be able to clear the stoppage with a snake. In some more complicated cases, a full toilet replacement may be necessary and would typically be covered by your home warranty.

Scenario 3: The water heater stops heating or starts leaking. Not heating? It’s likely an element problem. Leaky? It may end up requiring replacement. Either way, this is a typical scenario within the scope of home warranty coverage. An extra tip — be sure to flush your water heater at least once a year. Doing so can remove some of the sediment that builds up over time and thus extend the life of the water heater.

Scenario 4: The AC stops running or blows hot air. This is, of course, a biggie here in the Valley of the Sun. Our AC units take a big beating, so repair needs are likely. Covered AC issues range quite a bit from failed capacitors, compressors, motors and contactors to leaks within the system. When problems arise, here’s a good first step — check for dead batteries in the thermostat or bad circuit breakers or fuses. Also make sure you’ve changed your air filters recently. (This should be done every month to maintain proper airflow.) While we’re talking AC, we do want to go ahead and bust a major home warranty myth. A home warranty is NOT likely to cover the entire cost of replacing an aging AC unit, so be sure to plan for significant out-of-pocket expenses if your AC unit is past its prime. More likely, having a home warranty will help reduce the cost of replacement.

Scenario 5: The microwave stops working.

When your microwave decides to stop doing its thing, a home warranty can help too. An appliance technician will be able to trace the source of the problem and resolve the issue through repair or replacement. While every home and scenario is unique, these examples help paint a picture of typical home warranty claims for you and your clients. When one of these common home issues arises, a home warranty can serve as a go-to plan for repairs that helps bring a bit of convenience and predictability.

Free PDF: Your Guide to Home Warranties

Wondering if a home warranty is right for you? Check out our free, comprehensive guide to home warranties. Get the inside scoop on what to expect and tips to get the right coverage.
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To help you maintain your heating and cooling system, we offer seasonal checkups twice a year. These checkups make sure that your system is up to par and functioning effectively.

Our scheduling periods are: Spring: March 1st – April 30th Fall: October 1st – November 30th Just reach out (online or 602.733.5000) to request your checkup during each of these time frames. We’ll get you scheduled for when we’re conducting checkups in your neighborhood.

What do these checkups include? If you think about the inspection you receive on your car when you take it in for regular service or an annual physical exam from your doctor, these checkups are much like that. We conduct a 20-point inspection that looks at the current state of your heating and cooling system.  This inspection includes the following:

  •       Check thermostat calibration
  •       Check air filters
  •       Check and adjust air flow
  •       Check and tighten all electrical connections
  •       Inspect evaporator coil, when accessible
  •       Check volt and amp draw on motors
  •       Check refrigeration charge
  •       Lubricate all moving parts
  •       Check start and run caps
  •       Visually inspect system for minor refrigeration leaks, where accessible
  •       Check time delay relay
  •       Check contactors
  •       Check main electrical whip
  •       Check compressor terminals
  •       Check disconnect box and fuses
  •       Check air conditioner power breaker
  •       Check and adjust blower components
  •       Check and adjust burners
  •       Inspect fan blade
  •       Test cycle air conditioner for proper operation

We look for maintenance concerns, flag any problems and make recommendations to help prevent future issues with your system. The most common issues we see include a need for more Freon or capacitors or maintenance like coil cleaning.

If the inspection catches an issue with my system, what happens? If we do see specific issues, we’re happy to help address them. Many times we can even tackle them during the same visit.  We’ll be sure to give you any specific costs up front, so you can decide whether you want us to perform the work.

How do I get on the schedule? Request your checkup online here or call 602.733.5000 during the appropriate periods (March 1st – April 30th and October 1st – November 30th). Have questions about these checkups or our warranties? Email us!

Are you new to home warranties? Or, are you just looking for a bit more information on what a home warranty is and what you can expect? Whichever boat you’re in, let’s take a quick look at some basic questions our customers ask us.

What is a home warranty?

Warranties are service contracts that cover repair and replacement costs of systems and appliances in your home that break down due to normal wear and tear. Depending upon the plan you select, coverage may include dishwashers, plumbing, electrical, heating and more.  Our different policies allow you to choose a program that works for your specific home and your budget.

Why do I need a home warranty?

A warranty saves you from unnecessary headaches. Unexpected repair or replacement costs can throw a wrench in your budget. Finding an approved and insured contractor to solve your problem can be stressful and inconvenient. When you have a home warranty, you no longer have to pay high retail prices for your repairs, and you have a reliable technicians at your fingertips.

What happens when I need service?

When a covered item breaks, simply call us to schedule an appointment. We’ll get one of our trustworthy, in-house technicians to your home soon. At that time, we’ll diagnose the problem, and you’ll be responsible for the set service fee. If the repair needs meet coverage requirements, the repairs will be made at no charge beyond the service fee. If the repair needs are beyond coverage requirements, you will be responsible for the additional cost and given the option to have our reliable technician make the repair, or you may arrange for your own vendor.

Free PDF: Your Guide to Home Warranties Wondering if a home warranty is right for you? Check out our free, comprehensive guide to home warranties. Get the inside scoop on what to expect and tips to get the right coverage. Download Our Guide

What are we doing here?

Well, dang. That’s quite the lofty existential question, ain’t it? Not really what you expected from a home warranty company’s blog 😉

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get too philosophical or angsty ‘round here, though. In truth, we’re grateful to have a good deal of clarity about what we’re doing as a company. And, we believe that makes a world of a difference in terms of the way we are able to help you — our homeowners and partners.

Here’s what we’re up to…

Our Mission:

Happy Homeowners

Platinum delivers outstanding service to homeowners in the most trusted home warranty experience imaginable.

Our Vision:
To redefine the perception of the home warranty industry one homeowner at a time.


What about that elephant in the room?

Wait, what elephant? 😉 Okay… yes, we’re well aware that home warranty companies aren’t generally known for trusted experiences and stellar service. Frankly, we aren’t okay with that. We’re here to pave a different path.

That means, these aren’t just statements plastered on a wall. We know that while it’s bold to put pen to page and commit to an ambitious vision as a company, that’s sort of the easy part. It’s 10x harder to truly make that vision a reality. But, it’s critical that we do so.


So, how do we measure up?

Well, we’re proud to say, our customers’ words tell us that we’re on track.


We’re redefining homeowners’ perceptions of home warranty…

“We have never had a home warranty before but our real estate agent secured one for us when we purchased our new home. In the 5 months since we have been in our home we have called twice for service. Both times a repairman was at our home the next day and the necessary repairs were made. It could not got any easier and it has certainly changed our minds about this type of service. We will definitely continue with them in the future.”

Colleen R., Chandler


I have always been pretty skeptical of home warranty companies but when I bought my house the Realtor made the seller pay for most of it. I have called them twice now and I could not be more pleased. Absolutely amazing!!!

LeRoy H., Surprise


“Platinum has been wonderful. I am so glad that I decided to go with them (upon my realtor’s advice) when closing on my home. The seller paid for the policy and I had fully intended on using it for the year and then not renewing, however, I was so pleasantly surprised that I renewed after my year was up! I have had home warranties before and been unhappy, but Platinum is AMAZING!! I have renewed twice and will continue to as my home is getting older and because they ALWAYS come through!!!”

Phebe W., Chandler


We’re outdoing other companies…

“After owning a house over a combined 15 years we have used a few home warranty companies that in the end always fell short. We’ve had Platinum Home Warranty a year now and they go the extra mile with personal service, top notch contractors, and a local office where people answer the phone. We love their staff and service!”

– Jason S., Phoenix


Having dealt with several warranty companies over a span of more than 20 years, I can unequivocally say that Platinum Home Warranty is the best around. Their service people are professional, prompt & explain the “techie” stuff in layperson’s terms (w/o being condescending) & their customer service reps are always courteous & responsive. As part of their service they come to your home twice a year, free of charge, to check your a/c for the summer & your heating for the winter. And just as a added touch, they gift you an air filter & a package of 9v batteries. I would highly recommend them.”

– Alison M., Cave Creek


“I have been with Platinum Warranty for at least 7-8 years now. I’ve used numerous home warranty companies and I have to say that Platinum is by FAR the most user friendly, responsive, polite and courteous home warranty company I have used. Great coverage/great service/great people all in one company. Highly recommend!”

– Kirk S., Peoria


In this world in which home warranty companies aren’t exactly known for stellar service or transparency, we are indeed paving an entirely different path. And, we’re especially grateful for each and every homeowner that gives us the opportunity to do just that, and lets us know we’re on track!


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What if each time you encountered another pesky home repair issue, you were able to breathe a sigh of relief? What if in the face of that troublesome water heater issue, you could feel confident you’d get the help you need? Our customers tell us again and again they love knowing they can turn to our trusted team. George in Litchfield Park is a great example. His water heater was acting up, and our tech Loc was able to save the day. George’s conversation with Robin from Customer Care gives a taste of his experience…

George is just one example. Each and every homeowner gets that kind of attention, including a follow up call to make sure they’re happy. We’d love to give you that trusted care too. Give us a call at 602.733.5000. Let us become your go-to for all things home warranty and home repair.

Yeah, we’re walking on the wild side because we’re about to sort of toot our own horn. Sure, it’s risky business, but we believe it’s important to talk about a key reason our company is worth your while.
That reason is our customer care program.

What is Customer Care?

It’s our way of making sure homeowners are happy and receive the top notch service they deserve. After each and every service call, we pick up the phone and check in to make sure our work is up to par and the homeowner is happy. If for any reason they aren’t, we’re able to take care of things right away.

Why does it matter?

  • We close the loop

Top notch service is our norm, but we know we’re human too. On the rare occasions when our service is less-than-stellar and homeowners aren’t happy, we absolutely want to know about it. Our customer care follow up program helps us make sure that any lingering issues don’t fall through the cracks; instead they reach proper resolution. Our homeowners rest assured knowing that they have the opportunity to be fully heard.

  • We keep raising the bar

We want to keep improving the service we provide, and homeowner insights are invaluable in helping us get better and better each day. Our follow up program keeps the lines of communication open with homeowners — many of whom help us see ways we can evolve our business and become even better at what we do.

  • Our team stays motivated to help

Some of the most meaningful feedback we can give our team members comes straight from homeowners. We love the chance to give our team proper kudos where they are due, and our customer care program helps us find out when each team member deserves an extra round of applause. This, of course, motivates us to better help you.

In a nutshell, our customer care program helps us be better at helping you. It takes extra time (and team members) to make a personal call after each and every claim, and it’s certainly not the norm in our industry. Still, we believe closing the loop is essential, and we want to make sure our homeowners are happy!

Want to know more about customer care or our home warranties? Reach out — 602.733.5000 or

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