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New Online Options Coming in April Learn More

By Platinum Team May 8, 2016


Each year, we refine our terms to reflect company changes and make things more clear for all parties. We’re rolling out these annual changes and wanted to bring you up to speed. First things first, if you are a homeowner with an active policy, these changes will NOT affect you mid-term. You will only see impacts after renewal, and we’ll send you a reminder of these changes when you’re due for renewal. For real estate agents and others regularly working with our policies, here’s what you and your clients need to know:

1. Platinum Plus Package: We’ve had many customers ask for more bells and whistles, so we created this new package. You can add this option to any plan for extra coverage on items like pesky fees, improper installations and more.

2. Basic Plans: These are no longer offered for new customers. Why? We’ve found that most customers really want and need more coverage than the Basic plan. We eliminated it to help homeowners be more satisfied with the coverage they purchase.

3. Pricing and Fees: You’ll notice some increases to the prices for plans and trade call fees. The good news? We’ve added extra coverage to support these changes. You’ll see benefits like no limitations on numbers of A/C units and water heaters and reduced weekend fees.

For our updated brochure, head here. To review our updated Terms & Conditions, head here. And, if you have questions, reach out to our team at 602.733.5000. We’re here to help!]]>