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By Platinum Team March 17, 2023

Comparing Home Warranty Companies? Keep these things in mind.

Trying to compare home warranty companies? We know it can be a lot to tackle. Apples to oranges is certainly an appropriate phrase to use here. First and foremost, there are differences in plans and coverages. We encourage you to spend time examining those important coverage details.

Above and beyond specific plans and coverages, we want to draw your attention to some less technical characteristics. They can make a big difference in your overall experience, and you may have strong preferences in these areas.

Location of support team

When you call in for service, will you speak to someone locally or on the other side of the country? Will that person truly understand the challenges of Phoenix’s extreme heat and climate-associated needs? Be sure to pay attention to which companies are national and which are local, so you know what to expect from day one.

In-house technicians or third party contractors

Do you appreciate the ability to develop a relationship with the company and the technicians coming to service your property? If so, you may prefer a company that has its own technician team; you will be exposed to the same faces again and again and have the opportunity to feel known by that team.

Customer care and follow-up

Do you like built-in opportunities to give feedback? A company with a strong customer care department or follow-up program may be important to you. For instance, at Platinum, we call our customers after every service call to make sure they’re happy and find out any ways we can improve.

Platinum’s perspective

We’ll be candid and say that these are three things we believe set us apart from our competitors — our local support, in-house technician team and customer care program. We truly believe they make a difference in the customer service experience, and many homeowners aren’t aware of these differences between companies. We encourage you to consider your own preferences as you make your choice and ask each company for the scoop about what they offer.

If you need help understanding home warranties or what Platinum offers, be sure to reach out. We’re here to help! 602.733.5000.