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By Platinum Team March 22, 2018

Customer Stories: George

What if each time you encountered another pesky home repair issue, you were able to breathe a sigh of relief? What if in the face of that troublesome water heater issue, you could feel confident you’d get the help you need? Our customers tell us again and again they love knowing they can turn to our trusted team. George in Litchfield Park is a great example. His water heater was acting up, and our tech Loc was able to save the day. George’s conversation with Robin from Customer Care gives a taste of his experience…

George is just one example. Each and every homeowner gets that kind of attention, including a follow up call to make sure they’re happy. We’d love to give you that trusted care too. Give us a call at 602.733.5000. Let us become your go-to for all things home warranty and home repair.