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By Platinum Team January 10, 2022

FAQ: How Do I Maintain My Dryer?

Appliance care might not be a top-of-mind concern for most people, but it should be; a little effort goes a long way in keeping the appliances in your home running well and making your life easier. In this FAQ series, we explore proper home appliance maintenance care in the laundry room! 

Having a dryer can be a huge time-saver, keeping your clothes soft, warm and dry in less time than air-drying. However, because of the use of heat, your dryer can also be a major fire hazard if used incorrectly or not properly maintained. Below are some of our top tips on making sure that your dryer stays efficient and safe! 


  • Clean the lint trap: Cleaning out the lint trap after each use, and deep cleaning the trap with a recommended cleaner every three months, can help prevent lint buildup, which is a potential fire hazard.
  • Clean the interior of your dryer: You should wipe down the drum of your dryer with a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water at least once a month. This helps remove or prevent stains and residue that can end up on your freshly cleaned clothes!
  • Keep load sizes manageable: Overloading your dryer can lead to inefficient run cycles, as well as damaging the interior of your dryer. 
  • Keep your dryer level: Check to make sure that the legs of your dryer lie level on a flat surface. Running your dryer while it’s not level can cause the rotating components to wear out faster. 
  • Use metal exhaust vents: While plastic or vinyl exhaust vents may be cheaper, they’re also prone to melting and catching fire. Replacing your plastic or vinyl vents with metal can eliminate this fire hazard. 
  • Clean around your dryer: It’s recommended that you move your dryer and clean under and around it at least once a year. There can be residue build-up or stray items around your dryer that can become fire hazards if left unattended. 


  • Unclog dryer vents: Clogged dryer vents and ductwork can cause serious fire hazards along with decreasing your dryer’s efficiency. Unclogging your dryer vent at least once a year can help keep your dryer running safely and efficiently! While you can unclog vents yourself, you can always call in a professional if it makes you feel better! 

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