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By Platinum Team April 7, 2020

Home Warranty Versus Handyman

As a homeowner, you have a choice to make — how will you handle repairs for your home systems and appliances? Will you put a game plan in place from the get go? Will you work with a handyman as each need arises?

It may not come as much of a surprise — we’re fans of home warranties around these parts. What may be less obvious are the reasons why. As you shape your own pros and cons list, be sure to take these factors into account.

Why choose a home warranty over a handyman?

  • Manage expenses — A big upside to home warranties is the ability to better manage expenses. For covered items, you’re responsible for the trade call fee ($75 at Platinum) instead of the full cost of repairs. This helps you budget more effectively and makes it less likely you’ll be caught off-guard with a massive bill.
  • Trusted technicians — When you work with us, you know you’re working with a trusted technician. We’ve extensively vetted anyone we send to your property to make sure they know their stuff. When you hire a handyman, it can be a bit of a gamble. It’s hard to know the expertise and experience of the individual.
  • Quality of service — With a home warranty, you have a full team at the ready to assist you. Though we can’t speak for all companies, we can say — our customer care team does a top notch job making sure they keep the lines of communication open — from getting you scheduled appropriately to making sure you’re happy post-service. We promise to deliver a professional and respectful service experience.
  • Supervision — With a home warranty, you have a clear team who takes responsibility for the work performed. If repairs aren’t made up to your standards or issues persist, we’re here to take responsibility and ultimately ensure the problem is resolved. If you hire a handyman, who will you go to if you aren’t pleased with the quality of the work? How can you ensure that your repairman won’t just fade away?

It’s ultimately up to you to decide how to address your home repair needs. Here are some words from a few homeowners who found that a home warranty was right for them…

We did lots of research and finally picked Platinum Home Warranty. We are so happy with our decision. After a couple of months in our home our main bathroom started backing up in all drains and the toilet. It was scary to think of what the cost would be to have it repaired… They had a tech out within a few days and everything was working great!… I can’t say enough good things about PHW. We are so glad we went with them!

– Heather H.

We’ve had a great experience with Platinum. Friendly reps and service people, and professional service and repair work. So glad we have this warranty program, its already saved us a ton in unexpected appliance repairs.

– Melissa E., Phoenix

I have been with Platinum for a year. It is time for renewal and I am happy to renew! Over the past year we had a hot water heater issue, Platinum sent out someone who was professional and courteous and he was able to fix the problem… I did not have to wonder who should I call, what should I do, can I trust someone I find online?? No worries, I just call Platinum.

-Wendy L.

“My husband and I actually debated about whether to buy a home warranty on our house, but we did. Within the first six months, there was a problem with our air conditioning. We are sure glad we did make the decision to get a home warranty with Platinum because we saved thousands of dollars in repair costs. The speed with which our air conditioning issue was addressed was amazing. They were out at 7 AM the next morning to diagnose the issue and immediately recharge our unit. Then within a week our part arrived, and the unit was working perfectly. No hassles at all.

-Erin H., Phoenix


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