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By Platinum Team August 17, 2013

How to Maintain Your Front Load Washer and Dryer

Purchasing your very first front load washer and dryer can be very exciting. Despite what some people think, maintaining these appliances is actually very simple. You can even add to your peace of mind by making sure the washer and dryer are covered under your home warranty. If you are worried about maintaining your washer and dryer properly, here are some tips for front loads.

Run a clean cycle at least once a month with bleach for your washer. Many washers have a specific tub rinse or tub clean cycle that you can select for this. If not, you may just want to run a hot cycle with bleach. This helps prevent the mold and mildew smell and buildup you might have heard about. Remember to also clean the rubber seals around the door and around the washer drum, as mildew can build up there as well.

Leave the washer door open to let the inside dry completely after you use the washer. You should do this whenever you are done using the washer, whether you ran a clean cycle through or have finished regular laundry. Don’t just close the door when the inside is still wet. If you are concerned about this, you might make sure that your home warranty covers your washer and dryer for mold and mildew repair or replacement.

Wash the detergent drawer of the washer once a week. If you have hard water, you will see buildup in the drawer. You should be able to pull the drawer out and wash it in soapy water. Clean it thoroughly to help prevent buildup and stains.

Drain the pump filter of the washer regularly. This may help with the water flow and backup in your washer. Just pop open the door, pull out the hose, and drain it into a bucket. You will notice the water is dirty. It can be advisable to do this every couple of weeks.
Wipe down the dryer drum at least once a month. It can be useful to do this when you run the clean cycle on your washer. Just take a rag and wipe down the drum to help get off any lint or dust on the inside. Also take the time to wipe around the door.

Check for lint buildup under the lint trap in the dryer. Despite what you may think, your lint trap will not capture all of the lint. You might need to find a thin, flat attachment for your vacuum and suck up the excess lint. Excessive lint can become a fire hazard. Be sure to check your home warranty to make sure you are doing everything you need to in order to keep it valid.

Your home warranty might cover a lot, but you still want to make sure you do everything you can to take care of your appliances. Make sure to check the hose of your dryer at the turn of the season. Detach the hose, vacuum out the lint inside, and reattach it when finished. Lint can be a fire hazard, so doing this will help keep your home and dryer safer.

Taking care of your front load washer and dryer is actually fairly simple. You’ll want to get into good maintenance habits as your home warranty might not cover every single issue that pops up with your appliances. Make sure you understand your warranty coverage and take the time to take care of your washer and dryer. You’ll be happy that you did.