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By Platinum Team May 10, 2023

How to Maintain Your Pool Pump

Pool time is here. What better time to step up your pool pump maintenance than now?

Your pool pump is the star player in your swimming pool’s plumbing system. It pumps thousands of gallons of water in a week’s time. To keep it at the top of its game, take time to regularly tackle the following:

Clean out the pump and the surrounding area. Sweep out the area around the pump at least once a week, and dust off the pump itself, paying special attention to the vents for the cooling fans.

Clean out the filter. This will help the water flow freely, reducing wear and tear on the motor.

Don’t lubricate the motor. Modern pool pumps are sealed to prevent corrosion. Spraying the pump with lubricant will only damage the rubber seals and catch dirt and debris.

Check for leaks and torn seals once your pump is spick and span. If any of the seals are damaged, replace them immediately before the pump is turned back on.

Check the pressure gauge as part of your weekly maintenance. Your owner’s manual will tell you the suggested pressure level. If the pressure is about 10 psi above the guideline, it’s time to backwash or to clean out the filters, depending on your system. Letting the pressure run too high can damage the pipes and the motor.

Listen for abnormalities. If your pump is louder than normal or making a high-pitched whine, some of the parts likely have become worn or cracked.

If you keep up with your pool pump maintenance, you can greatly extend the lifespan of your pump. A smoothly running pump will use less electricity and keep your swimming pool crystal clear.


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