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By Platinum Team October 20, 2017

Meet Platinum: Yvonne Hunter

This post is part of a series to help you get to know the members of our team. We’re real people who call Arizona home, not a big corporate machine! Head here for more Q&A’s with the Platinum team.

Tell us a bit about your personal background and family.

I have been married to my husband for the past 11 years. We have two children — our son who is 10 and our daughter is who is 7. I am originally from Glendora, Ca. and, after moving between Phoenix and California in elementary school due to my father’s career, my family settled in Phoenix by the time I entered high school. I attended and graduated from Arizona State University (Go Devils!!) with a degree in Communication.

What has your career been like? / How did you get started at Platinum?

The majority of my career has focused upon business development and leadership. I spent over 10 years in higher education, where I was a Regional Director of Business Development. I also worked as a Project Manager for a custom home builder in the Phoenix Valley, which is where I learned about home building and construction. The combination of what I learned from these careers is what led me into the field of commercial warranty programs in construction.  Through that experience, I became familiar with other warranty programs, which led me to start with Platinum.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading, being active in my community and spending time with my family.

What have you learned that you would love to share?

In life, what I have learned is that risks, change and even failure are good because they mean I tried. Without trying, the opportunity to succeed or fail did not exist, and the opportunity to learn and improve is lost. So I try and embrace my failures and change as much as I embrace my successes.

What does “home” mean to you?

When I think of home, I think of the binding to a great novel.  Within the binding there is a story, which is created by the chapters of our lives. These chapters are filled with memories that are either made in our home or experiences brought back to share within its walls. My home is where my family gathers to talk about our long busy days, where relatives can stop over anytime without having to call and where friends are always welcome to dinner and conversation.  Home is where stories are shared, where memories are made and where comfort is felt.