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Your Renewal & Our New Plans

Wondering what all this new plan stuff is about? You’ve come to the right place...

Why new plans?

The industry and needs of our homeowners are always evolving. Many years had passed since our last update, and the time was ripe to revamp our plans.

You’ll notice:

  • Our plans are now called Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • We’ve made it easier to understand our coverage tiers with clearer names.
  • Platinum Plus is included in our Silver and Gold plans.
  • Due to Platinum Plus’ popularity, we’re including it in two of our coverage tiers!
  • We’ve shifted our plan structure for better customization. 
  • Washer/dryer and refrigerator are included in Gold, and pool is an add-on for all plans to make customization easier.

What are the benefits of my new plan?

You can still count on our trusted technician team to provide service, as well as our customer care team to follow up and make sure you’re happy!

Some new perks include…

  • No added fees for HVAC refrigerant, as long as supplies last.
  • No added fees for larger water heaters (up to 80 gallons included).
  • No added fees for luxury appliances.
  • Refrigerator coverage includes ice maker, ice crusher and cold water dispensers.
  • Platinum Plus now included in all Silver and Gold plans.
  • Lack of AC to the home is considered an emergency. We’re the only warranty company (that we know of) that includes this in our contract.
  • and so much more!

What other changes should I note?

The service fee for all new plans is $75. This fee applies per unit for seasonal HVAC checkups (except for one free unit with the Gold plan). We’ve also made some updates to the overall Terms and Conditions, which you can view in full.

Need help with your renewal?

Call us at 602.733.5000, option 2.

Where can I clearly see the differences between the tiers -- Bronze, Silver, Gold?

Our Plans and Pricing page, has a great comparison table to give you the basics. Scroll down to see the comparison table.

What happened to my Platinum Plus coverage?

Because of the popularity of Platinum Plus, we’ve now included it in two of our new plans -- Silver and Gold. Instead of purchasing an add-on package, you simply select one of these plans for the coverage.

What happened to my luxury appliance package?

We eliminated the differentiation of luxury appliances to make things easier for everyone. Now, you simply need to ensure you have coverage for each appliance.

Need help with your renewal?

Call us at 602.733.5000, option 2.

Why did my price go up?

The annual price may have increased or decreased depending on your specific plan and options. Know that we don’t take any increase lightly. Regardless of plan, we strive to deliver value that meets or exceeds the price paid -- as demonstrated in our continued use of trusted, in-house technicians and our customer care team’s follow up after service.

At the same time, we must note -- across the industry, the cost of AC parts and repairs has dramatically increased in recent years due to tariffs and other factors. As a local Phoenix business, we feel this big time! As you can imagine, AC repairs are a large portion of our work, and substantial shifts in costs directly affect us. We want to be able to keep serving you well, and must take those costs into account.

Can I just keep my old plan?

Unfortunately, the old plans are no longer available. You do need to shift to a new plan to continue coverage. We’re providing each homeowner the recommended equivalent plan to make that shift easy. Our team is available to answer any questions and help process your renewal.

Need help with your renewal?

Call us at 602.733.5000, option 2.