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By Platinum Team January 11, 2016

Platinum FAQ: Payment plan options for home warranties

calendar What are the options on payment for my home warranty? Do I have to pay for the whole enchilada at once? Nope! We recognize the full year’s payment may be a bigger amount than you want to shell out in one sitting. Because of that, we offer three different few payment options: OPTION A: Yearly Pay the full amount at once No processing fee OPTION B: 4 Month Split Divide your payment evenly over 4 consecutive months $24 processing fee OPTION C: 6 Month Split Divide your payment evenly over 6 consecutive months $36 processing fee Your total amount due will be based on the plan and options you select, as well as the processing fee, if applicable. If you have more questions on our payment options or plans, give us a call at 1.800.871.2339. If you’re ready to order your warranty, you can head straight to our order page. All the payment options described above are available through our online order form. ]]>