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By Platinum Team November 13, 2012

Preparing Your Water Heater for Winter

The first place to start when maintaining your water heater is to turn off the water heater. Safety is always of utmost importance when beginning any home maintenance. Once you have turned off the water heater you can check the water heater pressure valve. A pressure valve is a safety device on both gas and electric water heaters that releasese pressure if the water heater tank becomes over pressurized. To check the water heater pressure valve you will want to put a bucket under the pressure valve, pull the valve’s tip lever, if it is working correctly, it will release a slight rush of air or water. If the valve does not release air or water you will want to replace the valve. The next step you can take in maintaining your water heater is to drain the water. You can attach a hose and drain the tank water to help your water heater so it does not have to work as hard. When draining the water, it may be a little dirty or dark from the collection of sediment and/or rust. After draining the water you will want to remove the hose and turn on the water to flush any extra sediment from the tank. Flush the tank until the water runs clear. Once you have ensured that you have properly flushed the tank there are just a few more steps to ensuring your water heater will be well maintained. You will next want to make sure the water drain at the base of the tank is off, close the pressure release valve, and turn on the water to allow the tank to fill. Once the tank has filled, you can turn the electricity back on. Should you need to replace your water heater there are many new options on the market to consider. Choosing the right water heater for you is a big decision and you will want to consider all options. Among the water heater options available to purchase are electric, natural gas, propane, oil, solar and heat pump. There are also energy efficient and tankless water heaters. You will need to consider the size needs of your home. You don’t want to start a shower on a cold winters day and run out of warm water right after you have gotten in. Luckily, if you properly maintain your water heater each season you will hopefully avoid needing to replace your water heater any time soon. These simple maintenance steps will give you peace of mind and save you money down the road.]]>