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That dishwasher of yours… how long will it last? What about that AC unit in the house you’re about to buy? Can you count on it running strong for another five years?

We’re certainly no fortune tellers here, but a glance at the average life expectancies of home systems and appliances can give you a good idea of what to assume. These home systems and appliances can have a big impact on your budget as a homeowner, so it’s great to think about these averages when considering the costs of homeownership. We hope this helps you build a realistic budget for home maintenance.

Since life can be ultra unpredictable, you may very well encounter home systems and appliances that completely defy these norms. Your deviant dishwasher may throw in the towel at 6 years; or it may beat the odds and keep on keepin’ on for a good 15. The moral — take it all with a grain of salt!

Home Systems / Appliances Average Life Expectancy
Gas stove Max 15 years
Clothes dryers 10-13 years
Clothes washers 10-13 years
Refrigerators 10-15 years
Dishwashers 8-10 years
Microwave ovens 8-10 years
Heating and air conditioning systems Max 10-15 years
Smoke detectors 8-10 years
Carbon monoxide detectors 5-10 years
Garage door openers 10-15 years



Other Home Components Average Life Expectancy
Metal and concrete tile roofs 50+ years
Asphalt shingle roofs 15-25 years
Wood shake roofs 15-20 years
Natural wood, marble, slate ceramic and granite floorings 30+ years
Vinyl floors 10-20 years
Carpet 5-15 years
Asphalt and cement driveways 25-50 years
Chimneys and fireplaces Lifetime
Brick veneers Lifetime
Brick/block walls Lifetime



If you need help taking care of your home’s systems and appliances, we’re happy to lend a hand! Reach out to us at 602.733.5000.