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Ohio State University explains how common termites are and  just how important it is to prevent termites from entering your home, “Termites are the most economically important wood-destroying organism in the United States, with approximately $2 billion per year being spent for their prevention and treatment. This high-dollar amount could be reduced if homeowners implemented a number of relatively simple, inexpensive, practical measures around their home and outlying structures that reduce the risk of subterranean termite infestations. Such preventive measures are very cost effective given that a home typically represents one’s largest monetary investment.” lawncontrolTermites love moisture so it is important to try to prevent moisture from accumulating around your home.  If you have any leaky plumbing around your home, it is important to have the plumbing fixed right away because each drip from the plumbing is like an open invitation for termites to enter your home. Termites travel through the moist underground and find sources of cellulose (wood) and start making their way into the structure of the home.  Do not let any wood around your home touch the ground and do not pile up wood next to your home because termites will use it as their superhighway into your home.  In fact, keep piles of wood at least ten feet away from the exterior of your home. Next, clean up any debris around your home.  This includes fallen leaves, branches and more that have accumulated near your home and could help moisture retain around your home. If you are building anything, such as a deck, involving wood, used only pre-treated wood to help deter termites.  Also, if you are planting a garden or doing lawn work, avoid using mulch near your home because it contains moisture and wood, two things termites love.  By following these simple steps, you can avoid finding those dreaded termite tubes or being told that you have termites.  It is also important to maintain regular pest control because they will be able to keep an eye out for termites and help offer tips and guidance when they see problem areas around your home that could potentially lead to termites. If you are concerned about potential termites, you can use what are called “bait and monitoring systems.  Bob Vila explains how bait and montioring systems work, “Bait and monitoring systems such as Sentricon and Exterra reduce pesticide use dramatically by placing wood bait stations at regular intervals around the perimeter of the house. “We drill our stations every 10 feet around the house and use raw wood to bait the termites,” says Teri DiBella of PestAgon in Sarasota, FL. Once installed, specialists monitor the bait stations every two months to check for the presence of termites. Once termites are detected in a station, the bait is switched with termiticide bait that they carry back and feed to the rest of the colony, eventually killing it off. The process is slower than soil treatment, but it applies pesticides only when needed and does not involve the use of liquid chemicals. “Once a bait station has a hit, we drill auxiliary stations near it to assure that the colony is dealt with immediately,” adds DiBella. Bait and monitoring systems are effective preventive measures against termites, but they are limited in their ability to eliminate present problems. “Termites already feeding on the home have no reason to switch to the bait,” explains McAndrew.  If you think you may have termites, call your pest control service right away to remove termites and prevent damage to your home.  ]]>

We have all been there, we sweep and vacuum and keep food contained and off the floors.  We can try and try and try but, inevitably, we see a bug. Whether it is crickets, spiders or the always dreaded cockroach, we know what it means when we see bugs.  Often, if there is one…there is more. Nobody wants a single bug in their home, let alone an infestation.  With routine pest control, you can keep those pesky creatures at bay and hopefully, out of sight.  Consult a professional and find out exactly what type of pest control your home needs and how often.  The area and it’s common critters will play a role in deciding what type of pest control your home needs as well as your lifestyle. Nobody wants to see bugs running around their homes, they are unsightly, embarrassing and just gross.  But, there are more reasons to have routine pest control than aesthetics.  The World Health Organization notes the concern of having pests in your home, “One of the most important reasons why pest control is needed is because of health. Pests can bring diseases that can be quite serious. One of the most serious epidemics, the bubonic plague which caused millions of death in the World in Medieval times came from rats and other rodent pests. Cockroaches and other pests can also carry germs into their body. That should be your main concern when it comes to having pests in your home.”  Nobody wants to spread illness but if you have a pest problem, you could be spreading illness throughout your home without even realizing it. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, and you need to take good care of it to ensure you protect your investment.  When pests invade a home, they are not only unsightly and unclean, they can cause damage to your home and it’s structure. Certain types of pests and termites can eat away at important structural elements of your home, such as beams, and make your home dangerous to live in.  These kind of infestations will lead to very expensive repairs.  With routine pest control, you can usually avoid major infestations of pests in your home. Depending on the size of your home, area in which you live, and any existing pest problems that need to be managed, a pest professional can help you determine just how often you need service. Many people find that a bi-monthly routine service works best for them.  It is the most cost-effective option that can keep any major pest problems at bay.  Should a more urgent matter arise, your pest professional can bring it to your attention and recommend a course of action to eliminate the problem.  Keep your family healthy, keep unsightly pests out of sight and protect your investment with routine pest control for your home.  ]]>