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By Platinum Team August 20, 2016

The great debate: Should you buy a home warranty?

Is a home warranty worth the investment? Erin Holman, a Valley homeowner and real estate agent, shares her experiences.   Making the decision “My husband and I actually debated about whether to buy a home warranty on our house, but we did. Within the first six months, there was a problem with our air conditioning. We are sure glad we did make the decision to get a home warranty with Platinum because we saved thousands of dollars in repair costs.”   The service experience “The speed with which our air conditioning issue was addressed was amazing. They were out at 7 AM the next morning to diagnose the issue and immediately recharge our unit. Then within a week our part arrived, and the unit was working perfectly. No hassles at all.”   The value in a nutshell “It’s the best thing a buyer can do to protect themselves during their first year of home ownership.”   Ready to protect your own home? Head here. Want to learn more? Here’s the scoop.    ]]>