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By Platinum Team February 19, 2017

The Purpose of Your Home Warranty

This post is an excerpt from our resource Your Guide to Home Warranties. For the full guide with more helpful scoop, head to

When it comes to home warranties, one of the biggest differences between the happy homeowners and the not-so-happy ones lies in expectations. Happy homeowners know that the purpose of a home warranty is to reduce the cost of repairs. They know that some things will be covered and some things won’t. They realize that out-of-pocket expenses are to be expected.

On the other hand, not-so-happy homeowners tend to be misinformed about the purpose of a home warranty. They believe it will eliminate the cost of repairs. Sadly, they soon find — it doesn’t matter which company or plan you choose, a home warranty does NOT eliminate the cost of repairs in your home. There are, indeed, many things that could go wrong that lie beyond the scope of any home warranty coverage.

Knowing the purpose of your home warranty can make a big difference in your overall satisfaction with your home warranty! For more helpful scoop on what you can expect, check out our full resource.

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