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By Platinum Team February 14, 2016

Tips for Sellers & Agents: Marketing Your Listing With a Home Warranty

flowersBuying a home is a big deal. Given the scope of the decision at hand, many potential buyers can be nervous before even stepping foot on your property. To help them feel more at ease and more inclined to purchase your home, include a home warranty plan with purchase of your property. Why? Including a home warranty can boost confidence in the value and security of the home. Buyers gain peace of mind knowing there is a plan in place to cover some of the regular wear and tear needs that may arise. The fact that they don’t have to invest the extra time and expense putting the plan in place is an extra plus. As a seller or agent representing a seller, you may be concerned about this additional cost. Keep in mind, though, our average warranty order is $500 — a minimal amount when viewed in the context of a home sale transaction. This amount can easily be factored into the sale price you set for your home. Kelly Ryan of HomeSmart Central is just one of many agents who has directly seen the benefits of including a home warranty on listings. As Ryan puts it, “When I list a home, I suggest to all my sellers that they leverage inclusion of a Platinum Home Warranty and have a prior inspection done. This upfront cost of around $500 has always provided that extra edge of buyer confidence and helped both seller and buyer move more confidently into a quicker offer and through the inspection process with less anxiety and surprises. In each case my seller were pleasantly surprised with the ROI that this provided them through the selling process and would do it again.” If you are indeed a seller or agent, be sure to also check out the scoop on our free sellers coverage. The free coverage is available with the purchase of a buyers policy on your property. Questions? Ready to order? Give us a call (800.871.2339), or reach out to your area account managers. We’re here to help!]]>