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By Platinum Team April 18, 2022

Why Platinum: A Look Inside Our Customer Care Program

We live in the day and age of automation, don’t we? Automated emails, telephone prompt systems and AI systems are the norm. All that tech advancement can be amazing. And, it can leave us craving… a little more humanity.  

That’s why – in this age of automation – we decided to go slightly old school. Instead of shooting off an automated email survey, we created a more robust customer care program. It’s a key reason we’re worth your while.

What is Customer Care?

It’s our way of making sure homeowners are happy and receive the top notch service they deserve. After each and every service call, we pick up the phone and check in to make sure our work is up to par and the homeowner is happy. If for any reason they aren’t, we’re able to take care of things right away.

Why does it matter?

  • We close the loop

Top notch service is our norm, but we know we’re human too. On the rare occasions when our service is less-than-stellar and homeowners aren’t happy, we absolutely want to know about it. Our customer care follow up program helps us make sure that any lingering issues don’t fall through the cracks; instead they reach proper resolution. Our homeowners rest assured knowing that they have the opportunity to be fully heard.

  • We keep raising the bar

We want to keep improving the service we provide, and homeowner insights are invaluable in helping us get better and better each day. Our follow up program keeps the lines of communication open with homeowners — many of whom help us see ways we can evolve our business and become even better at what we do.

  • Our team stays motivated to help

Some of the most meaningful feedback we can give our team members comes straight from homeowners. We love the chance to give our team proper kudos where they are due, and our customer care program helps us find out when each team member deserves an extra round of applause. This, of course, motivates us to better help you.

In a nutshell, our customer care program helps us be better at helping you. It takes extra time (and team members) to make a personal call after each and every claim, and it’s certainly not the norm in our industry. Still, we believe closing the loop is essential, and we want to make sure our homeowners are happy!

Want to know more about customer care or our home warranties? Reach out — 602.733.5000 or [email protected]