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By Platinum Team July 2, 2018

Why Platinum: Redefining Home Warranty

What are we doing here?

Well, dang. That’s quite the lofty existential question, ain’t it? Not really what you expected from a home warranty company’s blog 😉

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get too philosophical or angsty ‘round here, though. In truth, we’re grateful to have a good deal of clarity about what we’re doing as a company. And, we believe that makes a world of a difference in terms of the way we are able to help you — our homeowners and partners.

Here’s what we’re up to…

Our Mission:

Happy Homeowners

Platinum delivers outstanding service to homeowners in the most trusted home warranty experience imaginable.

Our Vision:
To redefine the perception of the home warranty industry one homeowner at a time.


What about that elephant in the room?

Wait, what elephant? 😉 Okay… yes, we’re well aware that home warranty companies aren’t generally known for trusted experiences and stellar service. Frankly, we aren’t okay with that. We’re here to pave a different path.

That means, these aren’t just statements plastered on a wall. We know that while it’s bold to put pen to page and commit to an ambitious vision as a company, that’s sort of the easy part. It’s 10x harder to truly make that vision a reality. But, it’s critical that we do so.


So, how do we measure up?

Well, we’re proud to say, our customers’ words tell us that we’re on track.


We’re redefining homeowners’ perceptions of home warranty…

“We have never had a home warranty before but our real estate agent secured one for us when we purchased our new home. In the 5 months since we have been in our home we have called twice for service. Both times a repairman was at our home the next day and the necessary repairs were made. It could not got any easier and it has certainly changed our minds about this type of service. We will definitely continue with them in the future.”

Colleen R., Chandler


I have always been pretty skeptical of home warranty companies but when I bought my house the Realtor made the seller pay for most of it. I have called them twice now and I could not be more pleased. Absolutely amazing!!!

LeRoy H., Surprise


“Platinum has been wonderful. I am so glad that I decided to go with them (upon my realtor’s advice) when closing on my home. The seller paid for the policy and I had fully intended on using it for the year and then not renewing, however, I was so pleasantly surprised that I renewed after my year was up! I have had home warranties before and been unhappy, but Platinum is AMAZING!! I have renewed twice and will continue to as my home is getting older and because they ALWAYS come through!!!”

Phebe W., Chandler


We’re outdoing other companies…

“After owning a house over a combined 15 years we have used a few home warranty companies that in the end always fell short. We’ve had Platinum Home Warranty a year now and they go the extra mile with personal service, top notch contractors, and a local office where people answer the phone. We love their staff and service!”

– Jason S., Phoenix


Having dealt with several warranty companies over a span of more than 20 years, I can unequivocally say that Platinum Home Warranty is the best around. Their service people are professional, prompt & explain the “techie” stuff in layperson’s terms (w/o being condescending) & their customer service reps are always courteous & responsive. As part of their service they come to your home twice a year, free of charge, to check your a/c for the summer & your heating for the winter. And just as a added touch, they gift you an air filter & a package of 9v batteries. I would highly recommend them.”

– Alison M., Cave Creek


“I have been with Platinum Warranty for at least 7-8 years now. I’ve used numerous home warranty companies and I have to say that Platinum is by FAR the most user friendly, responsive, polite and courteous home warranty company I have used. Great coverage/great service/great people all in one company. Highly recommend!”

– Kirk S., Peoria


In this world in which home warranty companies aren’t exactly known for stellar service or transparency, we are indeed paving an entirely different path. And, we’re especially grateful for each and every homeowner that gives us the opportunity to do just that, and lets us know we’re on track!


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