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By Platinum Team September 16, 2014

10 Essential Tools for Every Homeowner

With home ownership comes the responsibility to take care of your home and make small (or large) repairs.  Whether you consider yourself a novice at home projects or are considering starting a side business as a handyman, every homeowner will probably have to do some home repairs at some point.  In order to do those repairs, it is necessary to have some common tools. You do not need to have a complete workshop in your garage to be able to do some basic repairs, but you will need the essentials.  Below is a list of essential tools that every homeowner should have in their arsenal. 1.  Hammer A hammer is a basic tool that every homeowner needs to have.  Whether you are hanging pictures on the wall or assembling furniture, hammers come in very handy.  Get a claw hammer so that you can rip nails out of things as well. 2.  Screwdrivers Everyone needs screwdrivers to be able to assemble things, unscrew battery cases on electronics and more.  But, you will need two kinds of screwdrivers, a Phillips head and a Flat head.  You can buy screwdrivers with interchangeable bits so that you can have different style bits and different size bits for whatever your need may be. 3.  Tape Measure You know what they say, “measure twice and cut once.”  An accurate measurement will save you time and frustration from having to do the job twice because measurements were inaccurate.  With a tape measure you can determine how far apart paintings should be hung, where you need to hang your curtain rod or just about any other project you can think of. 4.  Level There is nothing more frustrating than hanging something and realizing it looks crooked.  Small levels are handy but a nice 3 foot level will be ideal for many projects. 5.  Electric Drill An electric drill, whether or cordless or corded, may not seem like an “essential” tool for every homeowner but you never know when you will need a drill and when the occasion arises, you will be happy to have it.  An electric drill can drill, sand, grind, stir paint and handle almost any job. 6.  Handsaw While you probably will not use your handsaw every week or even every month, it is a good tool to have on hand.  If you need to cut branches of trees in the yard or saw a project you are working on, a handsaw is an important and inexpensive tool. 7.  Flashlight Whether the power goes out or you need to work under the sink on the plumbing, a flashlight is handy in a pinch. 8.  Wrench An adjustable wrench is an essential tool.  It will adjust nuts and bolts and allow you to work on things like plumbing if there is a problem. 9.  Locking Pliers Pliers are handy for gripping something and plying it out of place.  But, locking pliers have even more uses.  They can lock into place and be used as a vice or clamp. 10.  Utility Knife While you need to handle this with great care to avoid injury (as you do with any tool) a utility knife can be incredibly handy.  A utility knife is a great tool for opening big boxes or cutting rope.  You may not need it often, but when you do, you will be glad you have it.]]>