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By Platinum Team January 31, 2015

3 Common Home Leaks and What to Do

Drip, drip drip…..Nothing is worse than suddenly realizing that you have a leak and wondering just how long it has been happening.  A leak is not simply a nuisance but it could be the sign of a larger problem and could cause major damage.  But, life gets busy and depending on how much time you spend at home a leak could go unnoticed.  It is important to deal with a leak immediately so below we make note of the three most common home water leaks so that you can keep your eyes peeled for potential problems and address them should they occur.

  • Washing Machine
The washing machine is a handy appliance that most households today have.  But, that handy appliance can quickly turn into a hazard if a leak occurs.  And, unfortunately, leaks do often occur with washing machines.  Many washing machine problems start at the back of the machine, near the valves or hoses.  Over time, hoses can wear out from constant use and pressure.  Additionally, the movement of a washing machine may compromise crucial fixtures and cause breaks or corrosion over time.  If you notice a small amount of water at the front of a front loading washer there could be an issue with the seal on the door.  But if you notice a larger amount of water from underneath the washer or from the back, it is time to pull out the machine and look for visible problems.
  • Faucet
Faucets are used with great frequency and thus are more susceptible to leaks over time.  With many small moving parts, a leaky faucet is often the result of things simply getting a little loose.  A slowly dripping faucet may seem like no big deal but it will waste a significant amount of water and money over time.  As soon as you notice the slow drip of water every two or three seconds it is time to repair your faucet. There are a few different kinds of faucets d each type has their own repair method.  If you are unfamiliar with tools or plumbing repairs it is best to rely on a home warranty who can quickly and easily repair your faucet and keep your home functioning properly.
  • Toilet
A toilet leak may sound like messy or gross business but often it is quite similar to other leaks.  It can be caused by the flushing of the toilet and the movement that results and makes the toilet move against the pipe that is connected to the wall.  But, the most common toilet leak can be hard to spot or notice because it often occurs in the tank and out of sight.  The water level in the tank should exceed one inch below the top of the tank and if it does there is a leak that is causing the tank to fill up.  Additionally, the flapper valve can become warn out over time and cause water to leak into the bowl from the tank.  There is a simple way to check if you have a flapper leak – place a dye tablet or few drops of food coloring in the tank.  If you see the color in the toilet bowl within 15 minutes you know that you have a flapper leak.  As with any other leak, if you do not have plumbing experience or the proper tools, allow a home warranty to protect you and arrange for the proper repairs of plumbing in your home.]]>