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By Platinum Team June 25, 2013

5 Home Maintenance Tips For Summer

For most people, the summer brings warm weather and a chance to get away from the house and enjoy nature at its best. However, even though it might be incredibly tempting to spend all of your free time at the beach and ditching your house, the summer also presents a great opportunity for homeowners. Specific household chores are made nearly impossible with the unpredictable weather from the winter and spring seasons. With these five home maintenance tips you can keep your home in top-notch shape while still leaving yourself with plenty of time to get that golden tan. Keeping Cool Keeping cool in the warmer months of summer can be tricky and expensive. However, there is a quick fix and surprisingly helpful tip to help your home feel more inviting. By switching the blades of your ceiling fans, so the leading blade is tilted higher, you will produce more cool air being pushed down. As the fan rotates this breeze will keep the room frosty, enabling you to lower air-conditioning settings which can save you money on the energy bill. Dryer Vent The U.S. Fire Administration reports approximately 16,000 dryer fires annually. A dryer fire is the last thing you need, but can be avoided with these home maintenance tips. Luckily, fires can be evaded by using a vacuum, or even better a vent-cleaning brush kit, to clean out the dryer vent tubing. By removing as much lint and dust as possible, you can keep your family safe from dryer vent hazards. Gutters There is not a better time to clean your gutter than in the summer. Since debris can accumulate heavily in the fall and winter, there is chance of water damage in the following months. By using a ladder, not leaning against the gutter or electrical wires, you can easily clean out the debris and caked on dirt. You can even install wire mesh guards to help keep out debris for next season. Power Washing Home maintenance tips wouldn’t be complete without power washing. By renting a power washer and using a gentle detergent you can easily clean your houses exterior. This method gets rid of dirt, tree sap, bird droppings and anything else that is keeping your house from shining. Washing also helps you inspect the exterior of your house for any abnormalities. Maintaining Your Deck By checking under your deck for rotting, curling or cracked wood you can extend the life of your deck. Support structures should be in good shape and there should be no sign of an insect infestation. You may also think about re-sealing or staining your deck annually to improve longevity. Your deck provides a great place to entertain in the summer and combined with these other home maintenance tips; you can improve your summer lifestyle.]]>