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By Platinum Team August 30, 2023

5 Reasons We Love Phoenix

This post is part of our At Home In Metro Phoenix series. Here we explore conversations or local happenings related to this wonderful city and community.

You may have noticed – things are booming here in Phoenix! Clearly folks have gotten the memo that our wonderful city has so much to offer. As people flock to the Valley of the Sun, let’s celebrate five of the many reasons we love Phoenix…

1. Sunshine – It’s called the Valley of the Sun with good reason 🙂 For the better part of the year, the sun offers us an ongoing invitation to enjoy the great outdoors. With an annual average of around 299 days of sun, it’s easy to get your regular dose of natural vitamin D! True, those rays of sunshine can get intense in the peak summer months, but for most of us, that beats living where gray days are the norm for extended periods. 

2. Desert Beauty – There’s something special about the mountain ranges that define our city, isn’t there? The grounding vibes. The natural beauty. An opportunity to get in touch with nature right here in town. Whether you’re gazing at Papago, hiking Camelback Mountain, or adventuring around South Mountain, the mountains are wonderful companions. Add in incredible desert sunsets filled with vibrant hues and distinct desert plants and cacti… there’s just so much natural beauty to appreciate in the desert!

3. Location – It’s that oft-repeated phrase in real estate – location, location, location! Phoenix’s location is indeed prime! When we want a getaway, we have solid options. A voyage to one of the seven natural wonders of the world – the Grand Canyon? A trip out to the coast? Road trips to these destinations are very doable. Not to mention all the other wonderful spots in the state to explore – Tucson, Sedona, Flagstaff, Jerome, Tombstone… We could go on and on!

4. Good Eats – As far as dining goes, Phoenix just keeps upping the ante! We’re constantly seeing new local spots popping up, boasting a lively ambiance and tasty eats. Whether you’re a full on foodie or an occasional diner, there’s much to delight your taste buds. 

5. Sports & Such – Phoenix is a great city for sports lovers too! We have strong professional sports teams to cheer on, spring training, golf tournaments, horse and auto shows… the works! Even if you’re not a sports fanatic, the activities that roll around offer a nice change of pace. And if you’re the hosting sort, these events are the perfect reason for out-of-town family and friends to come visit!

These five are just the beginning! Let this inspire a moment of appreciation for your own favorites about Phoenix. And, if you’re having one of those “grass is greener” moments envying another locale – particularly in the summer – revisit this one to revive your appreciation for your home town 🙂 


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