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By Platinum Team April 4, 2022

Feeling stale at home? Here are 5 ways to hit refresh…

This post is part of our Life at Home series. Here we explore different thinking, techniques or tools related to the concept of a home and what it means to live well in ours.


Ahh yes, springtime. There’s a reason poets often celebrate this season with such hope, isn’t there? As flowers blossom and birds chirp, nature seems to be injecting a bit more magic into the air. True, the seasonal shift isn’t quite so dramatic in Phoenix as it is in other locales with snow-filled winters. Still there’s something special about springtime – an undeniable theme – you’re invited to renewal.

Being such champions of home, we love focusing that energy of renewal there – finding ways to do a spring refresh – whether big or small. Nah, we’re not talking about some annoying guilt trip that you should be doing a ton of scrubbing and deep cleaning… unless that gets you super jazzed… in which case, can you stop by our homes too?! 😉

What we’re focused on here is finding ways to hit refresh that actually fill you with all the good vibes – excitement, possibility, joy. If your home has been feeling stale, dull or heavy, now’s an opportunity to look at your home in a new light.

What can you do to shake things up? We’ve rounded up five ideas to get you going… without breaking the bank, we might add!

Open those windows and doors

Ooh, the power of a pleasant crossbreeze through a home. Fresh air, good juju… whatever you believe is flowing through, bask in it. No cost. Super easy. Phoenix has such beautiful weather this time of year – embrace it fully!

Rearrange the furniture

Can you flip the orientation of your bed or couch? How about swapping around end tables? Depending on the furniture of choice, you may need some strong arms at your disposal, but otherwise this is a freebie too.

Change up your paint color

It’s amazing how much a new shade can transform a room! Grab a painting buddy, and seize this chance to try something new. If you need a dose of inspiration, hit up Pinterest or the like for compelling before-and-afters. 

Swap artwork, mirrors or wall hangings

What might that painting look like there instead of that mirror? Give it a go! This can be as simple as swapping two pieces you already own, or if you’ve got a budget for it, you can invest in something new. 

Organize your bookshelf or closet by color

If seeing a rainbow makes you smile, this one’s for you. Enjoy the hands-on activity, and group all your books or clothes based on color. It’s a no-cost way to add a dose of joy to your daily flow.

This is just a start, of course! Whatever bubbles up for you, we hope you’ll join us in hitting refresh – enjoying the invitation to usher forth much goodness in your home.


If you want to stay focused on the fun stuff above and need help with the not-so-lovely realities of home repairs – we’re here for you! Give us a call at 602.733.5000.