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By Platinum Team July 1, 2014

5 Tips for Keeping Cooling Costs Down This Summer

Everyone knows that when those temperatures start rising, so do the energy bills. Cooling a home during the summer months can be very expensive but it beats the alternative….sweating it out. Rising temperatures do not have to mean choosing between paying an arm and leg and living in a hot box. There are many great solutions to keeping the house cool while still keeping energy bills down. • Tip #1: Start Outside o No, we do not mean that you have to spend your day sunbathing. That will not solve any heat problems. Plant leafy trees that are preferably large in scale or will grow to be. Leafy trees will help diffuse light and keep that hot sun from directly heating up your home. • Tip #2: Set The Thermostat o You do not have to have your thermostat set to 85 degrees when you are home to generate some savings. If you have a programmable thermostat, program it for a warmer temperature setting when you are away from home. Your air conditioner will have to work less hard to cool your home and the good news is you will not even be there to feel the difference. If you do not mind it, you can also set the thermostat for one or two degrees warmer at night where you are unlikely to notice the difference. Also, if you tend to like keeping your home fairly cool, consider raising the temperature by two degrees. Even changing your general thermostat setting from 76 to 78 degrees will yield a savings when it comes to energy bills. • Tip #3: Use Your Fans o Make sure your fans are set to spin in the correct direction to push cool air through the room. And, if your ceiling fan is not getting it done, consider adding a floor fan to keep rooms cooler and you more comfortable. • Tip #4: Reduce Your Stove & Oven Use o Your stove and oven will heat up a room quickly. If you can avoid it, try to use other methods of preparing food when temperatures are particularly warm. Break out the crock pot, prepare a lovely summer salad or utilize a grill to reduce the heat int he home and keep cool. • Tip #5: Turn Off Electronics o When you are not using electronics such as your computer or television system, turn them off. Not only does keeping them on use energy even when you are not using them, but it also puts off heat in the room. Turning them off will help keep a room cooler and energy bills down.]]>