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By Platinum Team August 9, 2022

5 Ways To Make Home Maintenance Less Annoying

Home maintenance.

If you’re like most people, you throw it in the same category as a trip to the dentist, visiting the post office during peak holiday season or working on your taxes.


Can home maintenance please get less annoying?

Yes. It can!  Here are five ideas to help you…

  • Bust out the tunes. Music works wonders. Pick whatever will put you in a good mood and refresh the dull tasks.
  • Recruit someone. Don’t go it alone. Invite a friend to keep you company, then head to their home to return the favor. Or, get your family on board to help!
  • Get your zen on. Instead of letting your thoughts wander, stay present in the task. Feel the weight and texture of the tools in your hand. Breathe in the air. Be glad that your body is able to do this task.
  • Pick a prize. What will entice you to get to the finish line? A night out at a favorite restaurant? A trip to the movies? Once you finish the list, reward yourself!
  • Hire a pro. If home maintenance ain’t your thing, call us at 602.733.5000! Or email [email protected]


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