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By Platinum Team September 18, 2014

7 Essential Cleaning Tools for Every Home

kitchen-islandWith home ownership comes the responsibility of cleaning your home.  Every home needs a well stocked arsenal of cleaning supplies for whatever messes may arise.  Whether you are just moving into a home and starting your cleaning supply stockpile or trying to better round out your existing cleaning supplies, it is always good to have a variety of cleaning supplies at your reach.   You never know when or where a (or what kind of) spill may occur, and just the regular maintenance of your home will require a variety of cleaning tools.  Below is a list of essential cleaning tools that every home should have. 1.  Microfiber Cloths Microfiber cloths are very handy for a variety of uses, but primarily, for dusting.  Any homeowner knows that furniture and decor accumulates dust…quickly.  While dusting is nobody’s favorite job, it is one we must all do.  Microfiber cloths are incredibly effective at dusting.  Not only can microfiber cloths clean a surface almost entirely on their own, but they will not scratch or leave any marks on the surface. 2.  Broom, Dustpan and Mop Yes, technically that is three things but they all work together.  Every floor needs to be mopped, but before it can be mopped effectively, it needs to be swept.  A good broom and dust pan will remove any debris, loose dirt  and more from the floor and make it an ideal surface to mop until it is so clean it is sparkling. 3.  Vacuum If you have carpet or area rugs, a vacuum will be an essential tool in your home.  Many vacuums even have a hard floor setting so you can use them throughout your entire home.  Dirt and dust that settles into carpet can cause many problems for allergy sufferers and is just downright gross so your vacuum will be a very handy tool. 4.  Bucket A bucket has many uses in a home and is an important tool for cleaning.  It can hold water for you while you mop, be placed under plumbing if you need to do work and can even hold your cleaning supplies while you clean around your home. 5.  Scrub Brushes A good medium-bristled brush can do most tasks around your home but it may be a good idea to get a variety.  Soft-bristled brushes and hard-bristled brushes all have their uses around the house.  For scrubbing up messes on the floor, to cleaning the shower, to scrubbing the grout clean, scrub brushes are very handy. 6.  Sponge A sponge is a useful cleaning tool in almost every room in the house.  It can be used to clean the kitchen or bathrooms, rinsed out, and used again. 7.  White Cotton Towels White cotton towels are incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways.  They can be used to dry your dishes, clean up spills, mop up the floor and more.  The beauty of white cotton towels is you can easily tell when they are dirty and if they get stained, you can simply bleach them.]]>