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By Platinum Team March 15, 2017

All About Thermostats: 3TV Segment

All About Thermostats: 3TV Segment
Steve Higgins, our VP of Field Operations, walks through some basics on thermostats and HVAC units with 3TV.
This segment touches on questions like:

  • What are the different types of thermostats available these days? (builder standard, programmable, wi-fi enabled, LED)
  • Which types of thermostats can save you money, and how?
  • What’s the best way to program your thermostat?
  • How can you get your HVAC system ready for the season?

Aired: 3/13/2017 9:33AM

Need help getting your HVAC system ready for the warm weather? We’re here to help! We offer pre-season checkups, HVAC system upgrades and home warranties to keep you covered.

To learn more about how we can help you, just reach out! 602.733.5000.