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By Platinum Team June 24, 2013

Benefits of Pool Warranties for Home Owners

Homeowners everywhere invest in swimming pools to help keep cool in the summer time and stay relaxed whenever they can be used. Swimming pools offer a convenient place for healthy family fun and socializing while entertaining guests. Whether someone is six or sixty, a pool can be a delightful place to spend time and enjoy the lifestyle only a pool can provide. Even the American Heart Association states that there are also several health benefits for your heart, lungs and blood circulation. However, all of these fantastic benefits that a pool offers are only available with a properly maintained pool and a pool warranty. The attractiveness of owning a swimming pool is undeniable and is the reason that thousands of homeowners choose this investment. It not only increases the functionality of the entire home, but it can also seriously increase the value of the property. Pool warranties allow homeowners to maintain their costly investment. A pool warranty is usually not covered with homeowners insurance. Although homeowners insurance tends to cover major hazards like fire, hail damage and criminal damages, it doesn’t normally cover luxuries such as a pool. Therefore, electing a pool warranty is often the best idea for securing this financial venture. Pool warranties can be included in home warranties as a special option. Depending on your needs a home warranty will only cost a few hundred dollars a year and is normally paid up front or in installments. Considering what kind of pool warranty to get may seem like an extra expense that isn’t worthwhile. However, having the swimming pool professionally installed may cost tens of thousands of dollars. Without a warranty, a catastrophic event, though unlikely, may completely ruin your initial investment. These warranties can buy you the peace of mind and relaxation that a pool is supposed to bring you in the first place. Like all warranties, a warranty for your pool is supposed to protect against costly and unanticipated expenses. Many homeowners do not have an emergency fund at their disposal when these unforeseen repair bills start piling up. A warranty for your pool can act as a buffer to get you through that possible hard time. These warranties often provide certain assurances for people who aren’t handy or who don’t want to hunt for an honest contractor when they have a problem with their pool. The benefits of owning a swimming pool are most definitely worth the initial costs of installing one. You can provide a wonderful and healthy way for your family members to keep themselves entertained. Considering a pool warranty may be the best investment to protect your pool and your wallet.]]>