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By Platinum Team January 11, 2013

Checkups, Fix Ups, and Cleanups For Your Home Maintenance

Any time you buy an appliance these days, there is one certain question that you can count on being asked: “Would you like to purchase the home warranty with that?”  What will follow is a list of options to choose for the care of your new home appliances once they are in your house.  You may want to listen to them and choose from one that fits your budget.  The truth is, they have saved people much money and many inconveniences. When the sales representative is speaking to you about home warranty options for your new appliances, take the opportunity to ask them about general maintenance that you should be aware of, as just being a responsible consumer.  The sales associates know that it is part of their service to you to give you information about your appliance, and they can likely give you a few good tips that you can be mindful of on a daily basis to reduce the need for costlier repairs.  Listen to their suggestions, as it is their business to see you happy with your purchases and coming back when you need another appliance. When you ask a sales associate what you can do to lengthen the life of your new appliance, he or she will want to inform you of your home warranty, so if you are interested in the top three tips for saving the life of your appliances, getting a home warranty is always going to be at the top of the list, as it encourages professionals to visit your home for thorough and routine maintenance; things that the average consumer cannot take care of on their own. Remember that these are not schemes to get your money.  After all, they are going to send you help when you need it, generally free of charge when you have signed up for those sorts of programs. The second very good tip for you, which you can do yourself, is to keep the appliance clean.  The build up of dust, lint, and grime can certainly affect how an appliance runs.  An overload of dust might hamper any mechanical parts that could then put a strain on other ones.  The refrigerator should occasionally be dusted really well on the backside and underneath.  (The refrigerator is usually using a higher amount of energy than the other appliances, so it needs extra care too.)  Ignoring a regular cleaning of that sort can surely hamper the proper airflow and cause energy to be wasted.  You can do this yourself or it can be done during a home warranty check, as that is a routine part of their visit. The third way that you can personally affect the life of your appliances is to not put unneeded stress on them.  That means not over filling washers and dryers.  Most washers have a weight capacity for loads of clothes.  Get familiar with what a large load of your clothes weighs in general.  You can step on your scale with and empty close basket; note the weight, then get on again with the basket of clothes you intend to put in.  Check to see if you are within the guidelines.  Don’t tax your refrigerator by allowing the door to remain open for long periods of time.  Shut your coffee maker off when you aren’t going to drink any more to save wear on the heat elements. Don’t put dishes in your dishwasher without a quick rinse or scrape.  Pay attention to your common sense and extend the life of your appliances.  ]]>