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By Platinum Team January 5, 2013

Common Winter Yard Maintenance

You have taken care of your yard all spring and summer to ensure it was a beautiful place to spend time and for others to see. The winter months and their cold temperatures can be hard on our yards and lawns but there are many ways you can keep your yard maintained during the winter so that, come spring, it will be ready to come back to life nicely. First, you will want to overseed your grass with a cool season grass for winter to keep your grass looking nice. Maintaining your lawn is probably the most labor intensive part of winter yard maintenance but it is certainly worth it. According to many sources, the best time to overseed your lawn is about six to eight weeks before the first hard freeze of the winter season. You will also want to mow your lawn short during the winter months, especially in particularly cold climates as grass that has grown overly long will lay on itself under the pressure of snow and could cause snow mold which could be destructive to your lawn, or, at the very least, a big pain come spring. In warmer climates, such as Arizona, over-seeding should be done when temperatures during the day are around 78 to 83 degrees. You should also fertilize your lawn before the long winter months. With your grass cut short, fertilizing the lawn will be very effective as the benefits of fertilizer will go straight to the roots producing optimal results. Also, if you will be taking an extended break from mowing your lawn during the winter, you should make sure to tune up your mower prior to storing it. You will want to drain your lawn mower’s gas tank and change the oil. Also, you can clean out any debris stuck in the bottom of your mower, sharpen or replace the blade and check the spark plug. Safety when cleaning your mower is very important and should not be overlooked. Before beginning any maintenance on your mower you should check and make sure the spark plug wire has been disconnected. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, be sure to clear the snow regularly and make sure large amounts do not accumulate on any branches as this can be a big hazard. Also, regularly raking up and removing leaves prevents damage to your lawn. You can also protect your plants from damaging freezing temperatures by covering them before a frost occurs. It is best to wait until the fall stages have happened for the plant and it has entered “winter mode.” When temperatures below 34 degrees Fahrenheit are expected to occur, cover your plants with a breathable material such as burlap, linen or even newspaper. You will need to secure your cover with rocks or another device to ensure wind does not shift your covers. If you have any plants in containers it is best to move them inside before a freeze occurs. Luckily, there is not much to winter yard maintenance but it is very important that you take the steps to ensure your yard is prepared for colder temperatures. By properly maintaining your yard in the winter you will be able to easily transition to a spring yard when temperatures warm up a bit.]]>