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By Platinum Team December 28, 2020

Don’t Get Caught in the Climate: How to Weatherproof your Home

As the weather shifts and temperatures continue to drop – our homes are affected almost as much as we are! Properties need maintenance when the cooler months approach – it’s important to prepare your home in advance to avoid hassle. By weather-proofing your space you can ensure that your house is safe and maintained from the inside out. Here are some things to keep in mind during the changing seasons.

Storm Season

Depending on where you live – storm windows may be essential. You can also consider them if you’re concerned about damage due to heavy rains or snow during those one-off seasonal storms. It’s important to know how to install them properly to protect your home from potential incidents. Most people are no experts in assessment and installation of this type of window treatment. If you’re unsure – you could ruin the surrounding base and add costs in the long run. At Platinum Home Warranty – we dispatch a technician who can help get the job done.

Check the Doors

When it gets cooler during the end of the year – it’s surprising how many tiny facets of your home can help or hurt the temperature. Something as minute as a faulty vent or old thermostat system can alter the level of comfort in the home and make you miserable! One thing to note is whether or not there is a draft coming from certain doors around the house. Depending on the age and layout of the space, this issue can present itself as air circulates. Consider purchasing a door draft stopper to prevent excess cold air from getting through!

Insulation Helps

Weatherproofing the home can mean addressing many different regions within the space. This includes areas that you may not think affect anything such as the basement or attic. There is a  constant source of air flow that circulates throughout these areas and can contribute to overall comfort and air quality. By insulating the area with proper materials to stop the flow of incoming or exiting air – you get a better handle on internal temperature as well as HVAC costs! If you need assistance with this process – don’t hesitate to contact us! We work with experts who understand the nuances of this preventative measure!

Consider the Paint

A property that is painted correctly can actually help ward off various weather conditions. It keeps the external material of your home sturdy and helps slow wear and tear. Environmental temperature changes – whether its extreme heat to cold or vice versa – can wreak havoc on the paint. The surface of your home can expand, peel and erode. This leaves potential for cracks to form, and moisture to collect in unwanted areas; mold, mildew and other damage can occur when this happens. Make sure to check your home regularly and access whether the paint needs a touch-up.