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By Platinum Team November 20, 2012

Extend the Life of Your Dishwasher with Regular Maintenance

A great way to protect your home and appliances is to invest in a home warranty. It will give you the peace of mind that, should you wake up to a major problem with one of your appliances, you have someone on your side to help you get the proper and timely repair you deserve. You will not have to worry whether or not your repairman is properly trained or reliable, you will be able to contact your home warranty company and get your repair done quickly. One appliance most of us rely on is our dishwasher, but, it can break down. Your home warranty plan can help when a breakdown occurs, but, you can also regularly maintain your dishwasher so that you can avoid a frustrating breakdown all together. Regular maintenance of your dishwasher is something that we all should do and it is relatively easy to do. First, you should just make sure there is no food or water calcification buildup on the inside of your dishwasher. You should not need to clean the inside of your dishwasher if you use it regularly but if you have not used it recently you can run a cup of white vinegar through the cycle to help clean out and deodorize the inside. You should also check the sprayer arms for any clogs, which can build up during use over time. Cleaning out those clogs will help your dishwasher run more efficiently and will help prevent overworking and overspending on your energy bills. You should also check the gaskets on the door to make sure no cracking or tearing has occurred. These gaskets are made of rubber and help maintain the water tight seal. Deterioration of these gaskets, if left unfixed, can lead to leaking water out of your dishwasher. If you notice a problem with your gaskets, you can get a replacement at your local hardware store. Additionally, you need to check your filters near the bottom of your dishwasher. These filters need to be cleaned regularly to avoid clogs. Your dishwasher owner’s manual can explain how to clean the filters and remove any food or debris. If there are any holes in your filter it needs to be replaced immediately to avoid damaging the entire dishwasher. Lastly, any rust stains you see can be removed with a rust remover. These basic maintenance tips are relatively easy and not particular time consuming but are very worthwhile. By keeping your dishwasher running efficiently, you can save a lot of money on your energy bills and protect your dishwasher as well as extend it’s life. When investing a lot of money in home appliances, we need to remember to properly maintain them in order to get the most out of our investment. If you have also made the wise choice to protect your home with a home warranty you know they will be there when they need you but they also expect you to properly maintain your appliances. It will not take you much time to maintain your dishwasher but the reward will be great.]]>