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By Platinum Team October 14, 2014

Fall Home Decor Tips

As the temperatures drop and fall is upon us, it is time to transition our home decor from a summer feel to a more warm, fall aesthetic.  You do not need to completely remove everything though, there are way to transition your existing decor from one season to another with style.   With the natural change of color outdoors, it is nice to transition the overall feel and color scheme indoors accordingly.  Warming up the inside of your home can be done on any budget.  It is not necessary to decorate your home from floor to ceiling with pumpkins and fall leaves, you can add beautiful, cozy accents throughout your home that say “fall” without turning your home into a harvest festival. 1. Fall Wreath

It is festive and inviting to have a seasonal wreath on your door.  There are many available in home decor and craft stores and you can also make your own.  If you are feeling particularly crafty, take a look at Pinterest for inspiration on how to make your own fall wreath!  It is a fun a personal way to say that your home is ready for the change of season and will warmly welcome guests inside.

2. Pumpkins

Bring a little of the outdoors inside with natural items like pumpkins and flowers.  Fresh or faux, it does not matter!  There are beautiful orange pumpkins if you want to be traditional and painted pumpkins to match any style of decor.   They look great on the ground next to a potted plant or if you find some small pumpkins they look wonderful on the counter as well.

3. Flowers and Branches

Fall flowers, leaves and branches are a warm addition that are easy to transition in and out of any existing decor in any home.  If you have a vase that had some vibrant sunflowers for the warm summer months, when fall arrives, simply change them out for some flowers, leaves and branches that exude fall colors like autumn red and burnt orange.  A beautiful fall centerpiece will make a lovely addition for a fall dinner party or house guest.

4. Use Items that Transition to Winter Easily

Things like branches, pinecones, dried berries and more will transition nicely from fall to winter.  This way, they do double duty and make it easy for you when it comes time to decorate for the winter months.

5. Throw Blankets and Pillows

One easy way to quickly change the look and feel of your decor without completely replacing your furniture is to add pops of color or style for the season with fall throw blankets and pillows.  Whether it is the color, weight or pattern of these items, a fall throw blanket or pillow will immediately change the decor from summer to fall.

6. Use Jars

Small vases, mason jars or large hurricanes can be filled with seasonal decor to create a fun addition to the space.  This is an inexpensive (or free!) way to decorate for the season.  You can purchase vase filler at most home decor or craft stores or you can head outside and collect fall leaves, branches, acorns, pinecones or other natural elements to give your table that warm fall flair.  When fall is done, remove the filler and transition it to winter filler.