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By Platinum Team August 31, 2021

FAQ: What is Platinum Concierge, And How Can It Help Me?

Unexpected home repairs can cause serious headaches. It’s hard enough to find vendors you can trust when you’ve got time to research them, and it only gets worse when you are facing an urgent repair issue and a full plate of other responsibilities.

But Platinum Concierge can help.  If you’ve ever filed a claim with Platinum Home Warranty, you know what a relief it is to hand the problem over to professionals so you can get back to your life.

What is Platinum Concierge?
When repairs aren’t covered by a policy claim, Platinum Concierge works on your behalf to arrange for your home repairs, providing the same satisfaction of our home warranty customer service and support.

How does Concierge work?
Working with Platinum Concierge is easy.

  1. Tell us what you need. A flat, $50 concierge fee* is collected upfront at the time of the initial service request, where we work with you to determine the extent of your service needs. 
  2. We make it happen. Platinum Concierge takes the reins to assign and coordinate with the best local vendors to prioritize your repair for high-quality, worry-free service. 

Do I need to have a Platinum Home Warranty to use Concierge?
No! Whether your Arizona home warranty policy has lapsed, you never had one, or you’re looking to use Concierge as a gift for someone who is overwhelmed by home repair needs, we can help.

Need help with a repair?  All it takes is a quick phone call to our friendly, Arizona-local support team to start your service request.

Call today! 602-733-5000


*Concierge Fee does not credit toward any payment owed to the vendor. Vendor payment for services coordinated through Platinum Concierge but not covered by a Platinum Home Warranty is handled directly between the customer and the vendor.