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By Platinum Team June 15, 2012

Finding A Home Warranty

The first step in finding a home warranty in Arizona is finding a home that you want to purchase; this is because a lot of home warranties are discussed as part of closing costs. A home warranty will help cover many repair costs if something were to go wrong with your new home’s plumbing, electrical, cooling and heating systems as well as some major appliances. The most common major appliances to be covered by a home warranty plan are stoves, refrigerators, and built-in dishwashers; however you can also find ones that cover clothes washers and dryers, built-in microwaves, and trash compactors as well as more. You can find home warranties and other plans available through your realtor, your home owners insurance company, a third party insurance company, and/or the contractor. Some home warranty plans will have the ability to overlap; but would usually just end up being redundant. Since a home warranty in Arizona can vary widely depending on who is offering it, the area it is being offered in, the age of the house, and more ways, it is always a good idea to go over many different sample plans to find one with the coverage that fits you the best. When reading over any contract, warranty or not, it is a good idea to take your time and make sure that you understand as much as possible about the terms of the contract before purchasing the warranty. The more you know about any given home warranty in Arizona before you commit to it, the more prepared you will be in the advent of needing a repair. For instance, the warranty paperwork will tell you who to call, when to call, and what is covered. Most things covered by the warranty are only covered if they do not have excessive wear and tear, improper installation, or improper maintenance. This means that if you are running your dishwasher six times a day and it breaks down after six months, then the warranty may consider that excessive wear and tear and not pay for repairs. Whereas if you are running your dishwasher once a day to once every other day and it breaks down after six months then the home warranty in Arizona will probably pay for the repair because it is considered normal wear and tear. Improper maintenance would include not cleaning your appliances, not keeping your floors and walls dry, not changing the filter in your heating and cooling systems, and other basic homeowner maintenance. Once you have decided on what kind of things that you want your home warranty in Arizona to cover it is time to review the final paperwork and sign the contract. Most home warranties will cost a couple of hundred dollars for the first year with an option to renew it as it expires. You will want to make sure to keep a copy of your warranty in a safe, secure, and easily accessible place as well as make a reminder of when the warranty expires. This is so that if you decide to let it lapse you will know when it has and not try to call on a claim that is no longer under warranty, as well as to remind you of when to send in a payment or sign another contract for additional time.]]>