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By Platinum Team June 8, 2021

Local Expertise is Guaranteed with Platinum Home Warranty

Arizona is a beautiful place to live, though it comes with a list of weather-related issues. Your home systems and appliances take an extra beating due to extreme heat — and conversely, may not be able to handle the transition into winter weather. Don’t worry about receiving a generic fix for a weather-related problem: at Platinum, our in-house technicians are knowledgeable about how the Arizona climate affects your home. Here’s what you can expect when working with local, in-house experts!

Swimming Season

During the summer months, pools are used non-stop in the Valley. If left unchecked, the consistent heat and pool pump usage can cause issues that may prove detrimental on the many intricate parts and could result in costly repairs down the road. If you don’t have time to become a pool expert yourself – you’re in luck: our vetted local experts know the ins and outs of their craft and will ensure that you’re prepared for the swimming season!


Just like pools and spas – HVAC systems in Arizona are put to work! The valves, coils, and other components that run the system require routine maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, the extreme weather conditions that we experience cause HVAC units to need frequent upkeep. Keep yourself cool during our triple digits by routinely checking your unit for signs of wear and tear – and scheduling a service appointment if anything is amiss!

Protect Your Pipes

Though built to last, our excessive Valley climate and hard water can often damage plumbing systems and could be prone to corrosion over time with leaks, rust, and other forms of build-up. When this happens, it causes connected systems to malfunction and can also allow for dangerous metals and other chemicals to get into your water supply. Check the pipes and valves on a regular basis and make sure there isn’t any noticeable damage. Even if you do not notice anything externally, there could be corrosion within the system – in this case it’s always best to reach out to a qualified home warranty service technician. 

As part of the Platinum Experience, we pride ourselves on using our Arizona in-house team to deliver top-tier service. If you notice any of the issues listed above, or other climate-related problems – don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure your home is protected and weather-ready so you can get more value and enjoyment out of your investment! Contact us today!