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By Platinum Team January 18, 2021

Four Ways to Streamline Your Home

Nowadays, it seems like the pace of the world is faster than ever and there is never enough time. With personal projects, work, family and time for yourself – sometimes taking care of your home is put on the backburner. Small maintenance chores are an important aspect of ambience and comfort. When these tasks go unattended- it’s pretty easy for things to pile up, resulting in an untidy and cluttered home. At Platinum Home Warranty, we believe that a clean and organized property is the first step toward a streamlined life. Here are some tips on how to make sure your living space is well-kept.

Clean up at night

Tasks can feel daunting when they are left to worsen over time – and the pile of clutter becomes insurmountable. Luckily, a small amount of effort per night can have a drastic effect on your to-do list. Rather than dedicating a free Saturday afternoon to organizing your home – address it in small pieces instead. Set a timer for 10 minutes and do as much as you can in that window of time. Organize one specific part of the house, for example – the kitchen or living room only. If you’d like to branch out from a particular area, try to go through several rooms and do as much as you can before time is up. Now, you can retire for the night knowing that you got something done!

Repair or Discard

Believe it or not, machinery that is in disrepair can add to general disarray. Faulty heating and cooling systems, damaged windows and glass, or unsanitary pools, are issues that decrease the aesthetic value of your home. We pride ourselves on offering a quick and easy solution to a variety of repairs. By requesting a service through our concierge system you will be matched with an expert who is the best for the job. If the item in question is nearly impossible to salvage or hazardous to your health/environment, a best practice is to dispose of it just in case.

Five Items Per Week

After years of shopping, collecting and decorating your home – you might look up and wonder how things got out of control! It’s easy to keep items that are unnecessary or otherwise cumbersome. When attempting to purge, many feel like it’s impossible to let go. Make it easier by trying the five-item rule: each week, discard or donate five items, no matter the size. A pen, a pile of magazines, a worn out pair of shoes – they all count! Over time, you will see your clutter decrease without feeling like you gave away something precious. If you can’t part with five – try three: a little goes a long way! 

Revisit Storage Areas

Organizing and storing your belongings helps to decrease clutter. Although you may have put items into containers, or moved appliances into a more suitable spot – this is a task that always needs to be revisited. More specifically, the garage is notorious for becoming the epitome of chaos; this area experiences high-volume use, and contains many important household items. Prioritize sorting the garage every six months to ensure that everything is in order. If you find issues that surpass general clutter such as a broken door/misalignment, a faulty remote timing system or issues with wiring – we can help. Schedule a service appointment to keep your garage functional, clean and well-lit. 

Utilizing these organizational tips and consulting us for larger projects, guarantees that your home will stay in great shape. We’ve got the solution to a variety of maintenance and repair issues – and all of the resources you need are a call away! Once you streamline your space, it frees up time for enjoyable home improvement projects that will continue to add value and comfort any property].