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By Platinum Team January 17, 2013

Furnace Maintenance For Winter

Doing maintenance on your home in preparation for, and throughout the winter months, is one of the most important ways that you can keep your home in good condition. This will help you avoid the stress of having broken and damaged items and will keep your repair expenses down when the spring comes along. Some of the most important things that you can do to prepare for winter are cleaning out and inspecting gutters, winterizing your sprinkler system, and inspecting and tuning your furnace. During the winter, your furnace can really be your lifeline. A furnace that is in good condition can help you stay comfortable – even in the coldest weather. There are a few things that you can do to prepare your furnace before winter even begins. Primarily, it is important to ensure that your furnace is still in good working condition, even though it may not have been used for several months. If you usually do the maintenance on your home, you may choose to do the inspection yourself, which can be a great choice if you know a thing or two about furnaces. Basically, you have to look for any signs of damage. Turn the furnace on and make sure that it heats correctly and that it responds when you change the temperature on the thermostat. Also, clean or change the air filter. By doing these two things, you are well on your way to having a working furnace for when the temperatures really start to drop. Another great choice is to have a heating specialist come to your home to do a tune up. This usually involves a more detailed inspection of your furnace, as well as some minor adjustments to improve its functionality. By doing this type of maintenance on your home, you are more likely to catch major problems before they really become an issue. When you take time to do maintenance on your home and on your furnace, you help to keep it in better working order throughout the winter months. Cleaning the air filter is one of the most important steps. A dirty air filter inhibits the passage of air into the furnace, which can make it so the furnace has to work harder, or become clogged with dirt and other large objects. A dirty filter can actually be a contributor to the premature failure of your furnace. A clogged air filter can increase the amount of work that your furnace has to do. This can make your heating bills go up significantly every month. According to heating professionals, it is important to change your air filter frequently – up to once a month, depending on your home. To make sure that you are doing the correct type of maintenance on your home, begin by checking your air filter monthly so that you can decide whether or not it is time to clean it. Consult with a professional to find out more about what to do in your home. When you stay up to date on the maintenance on your home, you can avoid many issues that could cost you time and money. Doing inspections and maintenance on your furnace early and often can help you avoid waking up to a freezing cold home in the dead of winter.]]>