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By Platinum Team July 31, 2013

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The first of the garage door maintenance tips is to check all the components of the door that actually move to ensure that they are still intact. Check to make sure they move correctly and that they are not bent, broken, or cracked. If you have moving parts that do not move correctly or that are broken, it could cause even more damage to other portions of the door. The next tip to follow is to check the rails and axels to see if they are tightly secured into place. The hinges, rollers, and springs will also need to be checked to ensure proper installation, and could be oiled lightly with a generic household oil. If any moving parts sound like they are grinding or squealing as they move, be sure to put a little extra oil on those areas. Another of the garage door maintenance tips that you can do on your own is to wipe down the door on a regular basis with a damp cloth and a gentle household detergent. This will keep the surface clean and free of dirt that could erode or eat away at the door. Some home owners apply car wax directly to the surface of the garage door so that it has added protection from dirt and moisture. If your garage door is wooden, keep it properly painted at all times. If there is a crack or a gap in the wood, caulk it. Any time the paint is peeling, it provides a way for dirt or mold to get inside the wood and cause further damage. If it is not taken care of, it could result in the need for total garage door replacement, which might end up being a much larger cost than simply touching up paint spots or caulking a crack. Every once in a while, check to be sure the weather sealant is still intact and in good shape. If it isn’t, water and other elements will be able to seep into the garage easier, possibly damaging anything you have stored inside. If your sealant is not in good condition, consider having it replaced. As you can see, it could be simple to follow a few maintenance tips that will keep your garage door in top condition at all times. Whether you just moved into your home, or if you are just thinking that there might be more you can do for your existing garage door, following these tips and more could help your garage door to last a lot longer without the need for major repairs or replacement. If you have more questions or need more tips, contact a professional that installs or repairs garage doors.]]>