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By Platinum Team September 25, 2012

Green Appliances That Lower Your Bills

With the rise of gas prices, and the increasing size of utility bills today, families are always looking for ways to cut costs and save money. There are many ways to do it by living just a little more “green”, and many home appliances that can help you find ways to reduce those monthly bills. You don’t need to move to a smaller house, you just need to be thinking about saving money by doing a few smart things each day. First, whenever you are purchasing any appliances, be sure that they have an Energy Star rating. This includes all your home appliances, including the refrigerator, washer, dryer, furnaces, water heaters, and everything else. The Energy Star rating indicates that the appliance uses energy in an efficient way so you only have to use a fraction of the energy to power the appliance than you would with non-rated ones. Generally these appliances are priced competitively, especially when you consider the long-term savings you can achieve by using them. You will earn a lot of money back by not paying so much on your monthly bills. Another great appliance that helps you save money is the programmable thermostat. If you’re leaving the heat or air conditioning on all the time because you don’t want to have to come home to a cold or hot house, or you don’t want to wake up in the morning without the heat, you need a programmable thermostat. These home appliances can allow you to set the time that the heat or cold comes on so it’s not on when you’re away or asleep, then it kicks on just in time for you to come home. It can also keep the house at a constant temperature that you set in advance, so you know it won’t ever get too hot or too cold. Low flow showerheads may not seem like home appliances, but they are a simple way that you can save money. These showerheads will use less water than their high-flow counterparts, which can cut your monthly water bills significantly without wasting so much water. In addition to being wallet-friendly, it’s earth-friendly too. Your water heater is another place where you may be losing money. If it’s not insulated, the heat that it generates to keep the water warm could be lost in your cold basement or closet, and the water heater will have to continuously be heating the same water because it keeps losing the heat. These home appliances are critical to your money-saving green efforts. You can also do little things with your home appliance, such as washing in cold water instead of hot water, hand washing large pots and pans instead of packing them in the dishwasher, and putting as much as possible into each load of laundry or into the dishwasher whenever you are going to run it. You have dozens of home appliances around the house that can contribute to green efforts that will save energy and save you money, or without doing the right things, they could do the opposite and cost you a lot of money. Be green, and save money, with these tips.]]>