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By Platinum Team July 4, 2022

New Build Coverage

Want extra protection on a newly-built home? Our new build coverage helps you extend the warranty builders typically provide. We offer 4 years (48 months) of coverage at a special rate.

New Build Standard (for 4 years): $625

Standard coverage for major home systems and appliances

New Build Standard PLUS (for 4 years): $750 

Includes all Standard features + Platinum Plus

This coverage must be purchased at closing. Coverage begins year two or three, based upon your preference; this must be designated in writing at closing.

Typically, builders provide a 2-year warranty on new homes. Some homeowners prefer to overlap their Platinum home warranty with their builder’s warranty, while others prefer to start coverage once the builder’s warranty wraps up. We let you choose! 



What does new build coverage include?

The coverage is the same as our Standard plan (and our Platinum Plus coverage when PLUS is selected). See our Terms & Conditions for full details. If you need additional coverages above and beyond the standard plan (e.g. for a refrigerator or pool), be sure to ask for added coverage.

What’s the difference between New Build Standard and New Build Standard PLUS?

PLUS includes our Platinum Plus package – which adds coverage for even more items and eliminates some potential fees. Check out our Terms & Conditions (see G.19) for full details, or reach out to our team for more information. 

If I have a builders warranty, do I need a home warranty too?  

A home warranty can provide further protection and can be especially helpful when your builder’s warranty runs out. Many homeowners appreciate having that extra layer of coverage to help cover some of the costs of normal wear and tear on their home’s systems and appliances.


Ready to order new build coverage? 

Call us at 602.733.5000 to order this special coverage. If you’re a real estate agent, you can also reach out to your sales representative to place an order or get more details.