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By Platinum Team February 19, 2019

Here’s how to keep your high-efficiency, front-loading washer and dryer running smoothly…

That funky smell.

It’s one of the biggest complaints from owners of front-loading washing machines. If you have one, you know what we’re talking about.

The energy savings from high-efficiency machines is awesome! But, that smell… is NOT.

Here’s how to avoid the bad smell, plus a few more pointers to keep your washer and dryer in top shape.

How to keep your high-efficiency washer from smelling

  1. Remove damp clothes immediately.  Ever run a load on Sunday then forget about it until Tuesday? We’re guilty too, but DON’T do that! It’s the recipe for a smelly washing machine. Do whatever it takes — set a reminder on your phone or put a simple sticky note in a visible place — so you fetch that load promptly!
  2. Leave the door ajar.  Okay, the Type A folks among us hate this, but DON’T close the door right after you wash a load. You need to allow air to circulate. A perk of living in Arizona — our dry climate means it should dry out more quickly than many other places.
  3. Clean the rubber seal around the door.  We get it — who wants to clean the machine that’s supposed to do the cleaning? But this really isn’t so hard, and it’s worth it to avoid a smelly laundry room. A solution of half vinegar and half water is all it takes. Apply this regularly to prevent buildup of hair, debris or water around the seal.
  4. Run a cleaning cycle too.  Pour distilled white vinegar where you would normally put detergent, and run the machine as normal. This helps clean out and deodorize the whole shebang. If you want, you can also purchase a product specifically to clean the drum and keep things smelling fresh.
  5. Level your washer, if needed.  This won’t help with the smell, but it’s a bonus tip to help extend the life of your washing machine. If your washer is rattling or shaking, don’t just ignore it. By leveling it out, you’ll prevent damage to your floors, walls and machine.

Ways to take care of your high-efficiency dryer too

  1. Clean out the lint filter.  This is a must for any dryer and can prevent fires too. Beyond simply removing the lint that accumulates, rinse the lint trap with water every so often. Nothing fancy — just a quick rinse under the sink will do!
  2. Check the dryer exhaust.  You know that big metal duct at the back of your dryer? Often debris builds up in there and prevents air from moving easily through the exhaust. That makes it hard for your dryer to dry clothes properly. It can also create a smelly or humid laundry room and can cause fires. No bueno. The best way to clean it out is to get a brush designed specifically to reach far in and remove lint from the walls of the duct.

Ah, the thrills of homeownership 😉 Regular maintenance may not be exciting, but that bit of time and effort can help you keep your machines running for as long as possible! If you’d prefer, you can, of course, hire a professional to help you tackle these things.

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