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By Platinum Team March 4, 2015

Home Maintenance Before Your Vacation

Did you know that the majority of home maintenance issues happen when the homeowner is away from home? Unfortunately, vacations tend to be a prime time for systems and appliances to act up. Picture this—it’s August and you’ve escaped the Valley’s heat for a vacation. After enjoying a refreshing time away, you return home, quickly learning your air conditioning isn’t running as it should be. The culprit? A filter overdue for a change, which overheated the unit. That isn’t a pretty picture. The last thing you want to do when you return is face new maintenance problems. To help you keep your systems and appliances running smoothly while you’re away, we’ve compiled a few tips. filter1. Change your air filters. Air filters get dirty, especially here in the dusty desert.  It’s a good idea to change your filters before you go on a trip.       acunite2. Adjust your thermostats Electricity isn’t cheap, particularly not in the summer.  Adjust your thermostats so that the temperature in your home is a little warmer while you are away.  This simple action will save you money on your energy bill and will help prevent your air conditioning from overheating while you are away.       outlet 3. Unplug major electronics Another easy action worth taking is to protect your electronics from a possible power surge. Unplug your favorite electronics to avoid any damage while you are away.]]>