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By Platinum Team January 4, 2013

Home Maintenance Tips For Winter

When the crisp air of autumn starts to turn chilly, it is time to start preparing your home for the season. Freezing temperatures can definitely take their toll on your home and your pocketbook if you aren’t careful. During the winter, there are certain aspects of home maintenance that can really make a big difference. Although some of these tips are commonly overlooked by homeowners, taking care to do a few things is one way that you can help your home survive the darkness of winter. As you start to do some home maintenance, you should begin on the inside of your house. The first place you should visit is your furnace room. Because the furnace may not have been used in several months, take time to inspect it and make sure that there is no visible damage that has occurred since its last use. You may even want to have your furnace inspected by a professional. Having a tune up done on your furnace can really improve its function and can help you feel more confident going into winter. Commonly, a tune up consists of replacing air filters, cleaning the various components, tightening the electrical connections, adjusting the calibration of the thermostat, and monitoring to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Winter is also a good time for inspecting and replacing any damaged hoses on your washing machine, dryer, and kitchen appliances. Also, deep clean your kitchen to get rid of any grease and other material that may be a fire hazard. This can help you have a safer holiday season, as you get ready for family gatherings and parties. There is also a number of important home maintenance tasks that should be done on the outside of the house. Begin by inspecting your gutters and rainspouts. Clean them so they are free of dirt and debris. Clean gutters that are in good repair will be a lot stronger in the face of heavy snow and ice. Another great home maintenance tip is to do a little bit of yard clean up and storage. Avoid having your garden hose freeze or break by removing it from the spigot. Drain any water droplets out of the hose. If you have a built-in sprinkler system, it is important to winterize the system before anything begins to freeze. Turn off the water to the sprinkler system and run the sprinklers for a few minutes to release any droplets that have been sitting in the waterlines. If you have a barbecue, cover it so that it is protected from the harsh winter weather, or move it into a shed or garage. Also, put away any toys or patio furniture that could be damaged or even lost under piles of snow. Prepare for snow removal by stocking up on rock salt, snow shovels, or even a snow blower. If you have a wood fireplace, store your firewood off of the ground and away from a wall in order to promote the flow of air and avoid the growth of mold and mildew. By following these few home maintenance tips for winter, you can help to make your home safer and more efficient during the winter months.]]>